Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Phonics Flashcards (Long O Vowel)

Today I would like to share some new cards from my long sound phonics flashcards series.
This post is dedicated to the long sound [ɔʊ].

Cards №№ 109-111 present the words where the letter Oo gives the long sound [ɔʊ].
Cards №№ 112-116 include such phonograms as: ow, oa, ou, oe, old.

Phonics flashcard: long o [ɔʊ] sound



  1. I have really enjoyed being able to print your cards. I am a Title I teacher so I teach struggling kids. I have been able to find all the cards, but I am having difficulties find cards 97-108. Am I just over looking them? Thanks!

  2. Hi Ginger. Other cards can be found here:

  3. Hello, it's really helpful using all these cards for my students in class.
    But i can't find long U cards, or they're just not been post yet?
    thank you

  4. Thank you for your sharing, all these cards really help my students alot. But i just have a little problem, I could not find long U sound cards...

  5. The U sound cards can be found here:

  6. Thanks for sharing Phonics Flashcards for kids! I am also sharing some Parent Wishes hopefully enjoyable...