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Some blog statistics:

Visits last month (January 2017):

  • Visits: 4,229
  • Unique visitors: 3,670
  • Page views: 11,318
  • Average time on site: 00:01:49
  • Bounce Rate: 72.40%

Top 10 visiting countries (January 2017):

  1. USA (1268 visits)
  2. United Kingdom (214 visits)
  3. Russia (181 visits)
  4. India (173 visits)
  5. Canada (164 visits)
  6. Ukraine (155 visits)
  7. Philippines (123 visits)
  8. Spain (115 visits)
  9. South Korea (106 visits)
  10. Poland (102 visits)

In total there were visits from 125 countries on my blog last month (January 2017)

Target audience:

My blog is visited by teachers, educators and moms who teach English to little students or their own kids from all over the world. My blog is often visited by teachers from English speaking countries traveling abroad to teach English .

Recommended products and services for advertising:

The most recommended products for advertising on my blog are as follows:

  • Educational and training programs for kids and teachers;
  • English learning courses, programs, camps, books etc.
  • Any products or services related to language teaching or learning;
  • Language teaching programs and jobs;
  • Toys and all kinds of children's stuff;
  • Air travel offers and deals.

So if you are interested in promoting your products and services on my blog through banner ads or sponsored posts, please, feel free to contact me for more details at:

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