Please, Support a Teacher from Ukraine

Dear fellow teachers, I hope you will perceive this blog post with understanding and compassion. I have been using this blog to share my teaching experience and printable teaching materials that I design for my English classes. But today I’m going to use my blog for something I never thought I would do. I’d like to use it to ask educators around the world to help a teacher in distress as I’m facing serious problems in Ukraine - a country torn by war.

I’ve been teaching English to kids since 2002 in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. You might know what is happening in my country right now. Ukraine is being invaded by Russian armed forces and there is a lot of suffering and destruction in the country. In the East of Ukraine where I live and teach kids the situation is really dangerous. Many villages, towns and cities are destroyed. Russian forces are getting ready to attack Kramatorsk and the administration of my region (oblast) recommended that all people flee to the West as soon as possible. So I had to flee with my 12 years old son and elderly mom. And I’m not even sure that I will have a home to return to.

Please, help an English teacher in Ukraine
I had to flee from war with my son and mom to a small town where I have no job.
As a result of evacuation I've lost my teaching job. My students flee from their homes too. Therefore, sales of my printable teaching materials is now my only source of income which is not enough for my family's needs. Mass relocation to the West of the country resulted in a considerable growth of rental prices for apartments. Food prices are rising too as the country's economy is impacted by the military conflict. As you can guess, the loss of income is a big problem for me and it badly affects the security of my family.

My and my mom’s health does not allow us to travel far. My mom suffers from back issues that make traveling a torture for her. We stopped in a small town just 200 km from the frontlines. If things get worse, we’ll have to travel even further to the West where rental prices are too high for us to afford. Living in a refugee camp is problematic for people with health issues like ours.

The best immediate solution to this unfortunate situation that I can think of is to humbly ask for financial help and support from fellow educators with big hearts. This are the ways you could help the teacher in distress:
  1. Buy ESL/ EFL printables for your English classes from my online shop (prices ranging from $1 to $20)
  2. Buy me a coffee
I really hope my city will survive this war and one day my students and I will return home to restart English classes and live a peaceful life. Meanwhile I can only rely on help from the international teachers’ community to be able to lead my family through the life of displaced persons in the country torn by war. Please help!

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