Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Phonics Flashcards (Long U Vowel)

Today I would like to share the last set of long vowel sound phonics flashcards series .
This set consists of cards with the long sound u.

Cards №№ 117-120 contain phonograms u, ui, ie, eau, ue, ew which give the long vowel sound [juː].
Cards №№ 121-128 present phonograms oo, o, u, ew, ue, ou, oe, ui which give the sound []

esl phonics flashcards long u sound
Phonics flashcard: long u sound

english phonics flashcards long u sound

english for kids phonics flashcards long u sound



  1. You are amazing!
    Thank you very much.

    However, I can't find [u:] sound from 125 to 128. Please tell me :)

  2. Yes, it seems that I have missed this card in the post. Thanks for letting me know. I'll add it later. By the way, it's available in the PDF version.