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You can purchase instrumental versions of my ESL songs and other materials for ESL teachers in my store.



Here are products available in the store so far:

Set of printable phonics flashcards in PDF format. Short and long vowels.

Vowel phonics kit (Learn more about the printable vowel phonics kit.)

Printable sight words flashcards (Learn more about printable sight words flashcards.)

Sight words reading passages and worksheets: pre-primer. (Learn more about the sight words reading comprehension.)

Sight words worksheets (Learn more about printable sight words worksheets.)

Phonics sounds charts - digraphs, diphthongs, and letter combinations (Learn more about phonics sounds charts)

Phonics posters (Learn more about poster-size phonics charts)

Digraphs and diphthongs posters (Learn more about vowel teams posters)

Phonics worksheets (Learn more about printable phonics worksheets)

Printable English nouns flashcards (Learn more about 700+ printable English flashcards)

Printable CVC words kit (Learn more about CVC flashcards, charts and worksheets)

Printable word families flashcards (Learn more about word families flashcards.)

Missing letters worksheets (Learn more about missing letter worksheets.)

Letter tracing worksheets (Learn more about letter tracing worksheets)

Time telling worksheets (Learn more about telling the time worksheets)

Indefinite articles worksheets (Learn more about articles a-an worksheets)

Adjective worksheets (Learn more about printable adjectives exercises and worksheets)

Irregular verb charts (Learn more about printable irregular verb charts)

Illustrated irregular verb charts (Learn more about illustrated irregular verb charts)

Irregular verbs worksheets (Learn more about irregular verbs exercises and worksheets)

Irregular verbs puzzle flashcards (Learn more about irregular verbs flashcards)

Irregular verbs flashcards (Learn more about printable flashcards to learn 92 irregular verbs)

Irregular verbs game (Learn more about the irregular verbs game)

Human body parts game (Learn more about the body parts game)

Phonics game (Learn more about the phonics game)

Alphabet games and activities (Learn more about the alphabet game, clothespin wheels and puzzles)
Printable English alphabet puzzle (Learn more about the alphabet puzzle)

Printable alphabet coloring pages (Learn more about alphabet coloring pages)

Another kind of printable ABC puzzles (Learn more about the ABC puzzles)

Large printable ABC letters (Learn more about the printable ABC letters)

Printable animal alphabet (Learn more about the printable alphabet featuring animals)

The ABC train (Learn more about the ABC train classroom decoration)

ABC rhymes for each letter - printable posters (Learn more about the ABC rhymes)

Printable alphabet posters for every letter (Learn more about the alphabet posters)

Printable vocabulary posters (Learn more about the vocabulary posters for 20 topics)

House vocabulary worksheets (Learn more about the printable house vocabulary worksheets)

Nature vocabulary worksheets (Learn more about the printable nature vocabulary worksheets)

Feelings and emotions posters and flashcards (Learn more about the printable feelings and emotions posters)

Prepositions posters (Learn more about the printable prepositions posters)

Homophone posters and worksheets (Learn more about the printable homophones posters and worksheets)

ABC awards (Learn more about printable awards for learning ABC)

Sea animals discovery pack (132 picture flashcard pairs) (Learn more about the sea animals discovery pack)

Singular and plural nouns flashcards (flashcards and worksheets) (Learn more about singular and plural nouns flashcards)

Prepositions of place worksheets (Learn more about printable prepositions worksheets)

Asking for and giving directions worksheets (Learn more about the asking for and giving directions worksheets)

American English vs. British English matching cards (Learn more about American English vs. British English cards)

English numbers flashcards (Learn more about printable numbers flashcards)

Transportation kit (Learn more about the transportation kit)

Animals kit (Learn more about the animals kit)

Clothes and accessories kit (Learn more about the clothes and accessories kit)

Fruits and vegetables kit (Learn more about the fruits and vegetables kit)

Food and drinks kit (Learn more about the food and drinks kit)

Halloween kit (Learn more about the Halloween kit)

Christmas kit (Learn more about the Christmas kit)

Christmas flashcards (Learn more about Christmas flashcards)

Christmas bingo game (Learn more about the Christmas bingo)

Christmas dominoes game (Learn more about Christmas dominoes)

Christmas vocabulary worksheets (Learn more about Christmas vocabulary worksheets)

Reading comprehension kit. Animal passages. (Learn more about the reading comprehension kit dedicated to animals)

Reading comprehension kit. Numbers and counting. (Learn more about the numbers and counting reading comprehension kit)

Reading comprehension worksheets about food and cooking (Learn more about food and cooking reading comprehension worksheets.)

Reading comprehension worksheets: short word stories (Learn more about easy-to-read short-word stories for kids.)

Reading comprehension for learning the present continuous tense (Learn more about present continuous reading texts.)

Verb tenses reading and worksheets (Learn more about simple present tense reading comprehension materials)

Verb tenses reading and worksheets (Learn more about simple past tense reading comprehension materials)

Verb to be reading comprehension (Learn more about the verb to be reading comprehension text and worksheets)

Global warming reading comprehension, worksheets, flashcards. (Learn more about the global warming kit)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities (Learn more about printable activities based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar book)

Bilingual Teaching Materials

English-French flashcards (Learn more about English-French flashcards)

English-Spanish flashcards (Learn more about English-Spanish flashcards)

English-Chinese flashcards (Learn more about English-Chinese flashcards)

Songs in MP3

I Can Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the I Can song)

Arctic Animals Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Arctic Animals Song)

Toy Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Toy Song)

School Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the School Song)

Farm Animals Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Farm Animals Song)

Vegetables Song (Instumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Vegetables Song)

Spring Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Spring Song)

Summer Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Summer Song)

Autumn Song (Instrumental, MP3) (Learn more about the Autumn Song)

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