Monday, August 26, 2019

Big Printable Alphabet Letters (A to E)

Once I had to teach my English class in a larger-than-usual classroom, and I realized that ABC flashcards I had were not big enough for all kids to clearly see them from anywhere in the room. So I decided to design large printable alphabet letters for demonstration purposes. The original target size was A4 paper format. However, the final resolution of these ABC flashcards proved to be large enough for printing on A3 paper sheets, so I was able to create English alphabet posters to decorate my classroom whenever I had a lesson dedicated to this or another letter. Unfortunately, this blog platform does not allow sharing the full resolution images. So my fellow teachers can use the printable ABC letters published here to print them out on A4 paper sheets or those of other similar sizes. If anyone needs extra high resolution alphabet letters for enhanced printing quality or larger format printing, they are welcome to buy the premium PDF-based version.

I’ve also noticed that my big ABC letters are good for teaching the English alphabet to my online students. The bigger the letter, the clearer they can see it through a not-always-perfect video connection. In order to make the alphabet cards look less boring, I have added some pictures of animals, people and objects starting with the letter to each corresponding flashcard.

Big printable English alphabet letters for classroom
The PDF file has enough resolution for high quality printing on A3 size paper sheets.
I am going to publish a few blog posts to share all my big printable English alphabet letters with fellow teachers. I hope my colleagues from all over the world will enjoy these colorful ABC flashcards as much as I and my young students do. Here go the first five letters.

Letter a - big printable alphabet letters

Letter b - big printable alphabet letters

Letter c - big printable alphabet letters

Letter d - big printable alphabet letters

Letter e - big printable alphabet letters

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  1. How can i get alphabet from k-z. Thank you.

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    Where can I Get K-Z in the Big printable alphabet?

    1. Not all of the letters are published on this blog yet. But you can buy them all in a hi-res PDF file. The link to the purchase page is in the post above.

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