Sunday, January 29, 2023

Printable Animal Alphabet

Here is another printable English ABC that I have recently designed to decorate my classroom. I really love this one as it incorporates beautiful pictures of some adorable animals that look like watercolor artworks. I’m sure my elementary students will enjoy seeing the alphabet featuring their favorite creatures and thus they will better memorize letters and improve their letter recognition skills.

Animal alphabet - letter a - alligator - printable ABC

I will put the animal alphabet on the classroom wall or somewhere around the bulletin board. The cute and unusual pictures of animals will help me capture children’s attention when teaching the ABC. Such visually appealing printables make the process of learning English more enjoyable and interesting for my youngest students who begin learning English as a foreign language. It’s funny but even their parents say they would love learning English in the classroom like mine.

Animal alphabet - letter b - bear - printable ABC

Animal alphabet - letter c - cat - printable ABC

If you wish to have this printable animal alphabet, you are welcome to purchase it in printer-ready PDF files HERE (available in Letter and A4 paper size; let me know if you need it in another format). And don’t forget to check out the preview.

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