Friday, October 11, 2019

Reading Comprehension Kit. Animal Passages. Grades 1-3

At last, I have completed this massive set of printable reading comprehension worksheets and accompanying flashcards that I designed to improve reading skills of my elementary school students and help them expand their animals vocabulary. I was taught to create large sets of visually attractive printable EFL and ESL materials by the strong competition among English teachers in my city. Being a modest private English tutor, I have to compete with businesses that employ multiple EFL teachers for large groups of students. They have much bigger advertising budgets and opportunities than I do. Therefore offering the best and the brightest teaching materials is my tried and true way to attract students and their parents who eventually hire me to teach English to their kids. The new reading comprehension kit is this special kind of printables I can proudly use for my classes and make kids fall in love with learning English.

Yes, I use reading comprehension worksheets that I can get on the Internet. They are somewhat good for children who start learning to read in English. But eventually kids get bored with them. Those worksheets seem to be too bland for today’s children who are accustomed to more vibrant content they can freely access online. So I decided to make my own experimental reading comprehension worksheets with more colors and less straightforward tasks. I used more vibrant and funny images along with some questions that require a little bit of thinking beyond what is written in the comprehension passages.

Reading comprehension passage - printable worksheets for ESL students
I did my best to make my reading comprehension worksheets visually appealing to kids.

Reading comprehension worksheet - grade 1, grade 2, grade 3

Reading Comprehension Passages

So the reading comprehension kit includes printable worksheets featuring short text passages about animals followed by 4-6 questions and tasks that are supposed to establish how well kids understood the text they read. The second part of a worksheet represents the same passage with some words replaced with pictures. Students should be able to read this passage as fast as they can. This adds a little bit of a challenge to the reading process and helps kids focus on some words and thus memorize them. All the comprehension passages are written in simple present tense (present indefinite). So my worksheets can easily be used to teach this verb tense to young English learners.

The reading comprehension kit includes the following passages:

I will be creating more detailed posts on each of the reading comprehension worksheet in the future. Please, follow my blog and social media accounts keep up with my posts.

Set of Vocabulary Flashcards

Animals are my favorite topic for a reason. First of all, elementary school kids absolutely love animals and are ready to learn pretty much anything about them. Secondly, animals are the main protagonists in many great children’s books that can be used to learn English throughout the entire school. And finally, the topic offers so much potential for expanding English vocabulary. Even writing these short passages for the reading comprehension worksheets, I could not help including some vocabulary related to animal body parts, animal homes and habitats, animal actions and sounds, names of baby animals, and colors. So I thought it would be great to use my reading comprehension passages along with more than 280 bright and colorful flashcards that would help kids considerably expand their animal-related vocabulary. Therefore I designed the following flashcards to be a part of my reading comprehension kit.

I will be sharing some of these flashcards in my future posts. Please, make sure you follow my updates.

The whole English reading comprehension kit being designed, I’m getting ready to use those worksheets and flashcards to teach my students in grades 1-3. Most probably, I will use some of these reading comprehension passages with some kids in grades 4, 5, and 6 – mostly with those who struggle to learn a foreign language. I will definitely be using this reading comprehension kit along with my printable worksheets designed to learn more than 100 English animal names.

I hope my fellow EFL and ESL teachers will love my reading comprehension worksheets and auxiliary flashcards. I will be sharing more of them in my future blog posts. If you need the whole kit in hi-res printer-friendly PDF files, you are welcome to buy it here.


  1. Your worksheet are really helpful is it possible that I can get these worksheet through emails?

    1. Hi. You can either download them as images from multiple posts in this blog or purchase all of them at once in high resolution printer-ready PDF files (you will be able to download all of them after your payment). You can find the link to the store in the text of the blog post above.

  2. I read and apply in senior K. There is amazing response I students read easily. The words sequence is suberp. Keep it up. Thank you 😊❤️

    1. I'm glad to know your students love my reading comprehension passages!

  3. Great job. No reading passages for intermediate school students? Thanks.

    1. Thanks. I'm going to create some reading passages for intermediate students soon. Please, follow my blog updates.

  4. Please send worksheets for grade 4

  5. Vous avez fait un grand effort. Je vous remercie