Friday, October 18, 2019

Reading Comprehension Worksheets: Thomas the Cat

I begin publishing some of my printable reading comprehension worksheets dedicated to animals. I’d like to start with a comprehension passage about a black cat named Tom. The passage goes like this:

Tom is a black cat. He lives in a house. He drinks milk and eats cat food. His master gives him fish sometimes. After each meal he licks himself to clean his fur. Tom is a little cat, and his master calls him kitten. Tom loves to play with a ball of yarn. He pretends to see a rat, he runs to catch it. He meows when he is hungry and purrs when he feels happy. Tom is a happy cat and he purrs a lot.

Here are the worksheets:

Reading comprehension worksheets for 2nd grade and 3rd grade - ESL printables

Reading comprehension passage for 2nd grade and 3rd grade - ESL printables
The second part is the same reading comprehension passage with some words replaced with pictures.

As you can see, the text is rather simple. I use these reading fluency and comprehension worksheets to give my second and third grade students an opportunity to practice their reading skills. I sometimes use them in grade 1 and grade 4 as well, depending on the reader level. The tasks and questions that follow the passage suggest that students know the color and animal sounds vocabulary. That is why I have designed 14 colors flashcards and 39 animal sounds flashcards. Using my reading comprehension worksheets is a great opportunity to expand students’ vocabulary.

The worksheets shared in the post belong to my animals-related reading comprehension kit. The kit includes 11 worksheets with passages about animals and more than 280 colorful flashcards to help ESL/EFL/ELL students learn the English vocabulary related to parts of animal body, animal sounds, animal homes, animal babies and animal actions. If you think you need the whole collection of reading comprehension worksheets and flashcards for your English classes, you are welcome to purchase it in high resolution printer-ready PDF files.