Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Christmas Word Search Worksheets

I keep on publishing my collection of Christmas worksheets designed to help my young students learn and memorize the English vocabulary related to this holiday.

My ESL Christmas kit includes 50+ printable flashcards, worksheets offering such assignments as crossword puzzles, word search, matching words to pictures and pictures to words as well as a Christmas bingo game.

This blog post offers my Christmas word search worksheets featuring 48 English nouns. I hope ESL teachers and their students will enjoy using these vocabulary building worksheets for lessons dedicated to Christmas.

Christmas word search worksheet
Christmas word search worksheet for words turkey, party, Jesus, poinsettia, winter, candy, ribbon, ball, candle, firecracker.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Christmas Worksheets: Crossword Puzzles

Christmas crosswords make a part of the Christmas kit I designed to introduce the holiday vocabulary to my students.

A variety of visually appealing flashcards and worksheets including crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, word and image matching assignments helps kids better memorize the relevant English vocabulary through fun activities. ESL teachers and any other educators are welcome to use my printable Christmas worksheets for their lessons. Please, share your experience of using my teaching materials in the comment section below.

Christmas crossword
Christmas crossword for words ball, poinsettia, pudding, pinecone, sleigh, candy, decoration, elf, gift, ham, candle.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Christmas Flashcards. Part 2.

I continue publishing my collection of printable Christmas flashcards to help fellow ESL teachers introduce the holiday-related vocabulary to children in a fun and engaging way.

ESL teachers can use this set of Christmas flashcards to teach the following English words: angel, ball / bauble, bell, candle, candy, candy cane, carol, chimney, Christmas card, Christmas tree, decoration / ornaments, elf (elves) , firecrackers, fireplace, fireworks, garland, gifts / presents, gingerbread, ham, holly, Jesus, lights, marshmallow, mistletoe, mittens, North Pole, party, party popper, pie, pinecone, poinsettia, present sack, pudding, reindeer, ribbon, Santa Clause , scarf, sleigh, snow, snow globe, snowball, snowflake, snowman, star, stocking, sweater / pullover / jumper, turkey, winter, wreath, Yule log

My flashcards feature colorful pictures that can add up to the atmosphere of festivity and make the English lessons before the upcoming Christmas more bright, colorful warm. I hope that both educators and students will enjoy my Christmas flashcards. Teachers are welcome to either download flashcards for free from my blog or purchase the premium edition that offers high resolution flashcards in a printer-ready PDF document.

decoration and ornaments, Christmas flashcards free download

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Irregular Verbs Puzzle Flashcards (Part 2)

Today I would like to share another part of my irregular verbs puzzle flashcards set. In the first post related to English irregular verbs I explained the difficulty of learning this grammar topic. I hope my puzzles will help your students and children master the English language better.

The kit has 105 irregular verbs puzzle flashcards

This post contains 19 irregular verbs flashcards designed in yellow color. All these verbs have the letter t at the end of their Past Simple and Past Participle forms. Some verbs change the vowel sound in the middle of the verbs, like in sit – sat – sat, meet – met – met. Some verbs ending with d replace it with t, for example send - sent - sent, build - built - built. Sometimes t is just added to the whole word changing the pronunciation, like in deal – dealt – dealt, mean – meant – meant.

Here is the list of today's irregular verbs:

sit – sat – sat
meet – met – met
feel – felt – felt
smell – smelt – smelt
leave – left – left
send – sent – sent
spend – spent – spent
lend – lent – lent
deal – dealt – dealt
mean – meant – meant
dream – dreamt – dreamt
sleep – slept – slept
keep – kept – kept
sweep – swept – swept
build – built – built
spoil – spoilt – spoilt
burn – burnt – burnt
learn – learnt – learnt
hear – heard – heard

irregular verbs puzzle flashcards, verb sit
Irregular verb "see"

esl irregular verbs flashcards, verb meet
Irregular verb "meet"