Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Flashcards. Part 5.

This blog post features the last batch of printable flashcards I designed to help kids memorize the Christmas vocabulary.

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These flashcards introduce some nouns that are featured in other printable teaching materials I created for my Christmas season English classes. My Christmas kit includes a range of activities that an ESL teacher can engage students with to help them learn more about one of the biggest holidays in the English-speaking world. Flashcards can be a fun way to make the first steps in introducing the vocabulary that can further be consolidated with the help of my printable Christmas worksheets (crosswords, word search puzzles, picture to word matching) and games (dominoes and bingo).

Snowball - printable Christmas and winter season flashcards

Monday, December 10, 2018

Printable Transportation Flashcards. Part 2.

This is the second blog post dedicated to my collection of printable transportation flashcards designed for ESL teachers.

700+ hi-res image-based flashcards covering nouns in 16 topics

The transportation flashcards make part of more than 700 picture flashcards covering some common nouns in 16 topics. Those colorful cards can serve as a great visual stimulus for English classes especially when teaching kids.

printable transportation flashcards with pictures

Friday, December 7, 2018

Phonics Flashcards (Consonants M, N, P, Q, R)

Today I would like to share the next part of my English consonant flashcards set. There are 20 cards in this post.

Mm: cards №№57-58 include words with the sound [m] at the beginning and the end of the words.

Nn: cards №№59-60 present words with the sound [n] at the beginning and the end of the words. Card №61 offers words with the silent N. Card №62 includes the words with the phonogram nk in which the letter N gives the nasal sound [ŋ].

letter m phonics flashcards and letter n phonics flashcards
Phonics consonant flashcards

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Printable Transportation Flashcards. Part 1.

Having published the blog post about the transport song, I decided I would start sharing my collection of 700+ English flashcards with those dedicated to the transportation topic. And soon, to follow the trend, I will create a set of printable games and worksheets for educators to help students memorize and consolidate the transportation vocabulary.

700+ hi-res image-based flashcards covering nouns in 16 topics

Means of transport are one of 16 topics featured in the set of printable flashcards designed for ESL teachers to introduce some common English nouns to students. The transportation picture cards cover the following vocabulary: airplane (UK: aeroplane), bicycle, boat, bus, cab (taxi), car, helicopter, highway (UK: motorway), jet, motorcycle (UK: motorbike), rocket, ship, submarine, subway (UK: underground), traffic lights, train, transportation, truck (UK: lorry), van, yacht.

airplane and aeroplane, printable transportation flashcards, American and British English