Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Letter B Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

This is another blog post that I create to systematize the collection of English teaching materials I’ve been publishing through years on my blog and help fellow ESL teachers find what they are looking for. A large part of flashcards and worksheets I created are dedicated to English letters and sounds. After all I teach English mostly to very young students who are just getting to know the language through the alphabet, phonics and first high frequency words they try to memorize, recognize and read.

If you work with preschool and elementary school kids as I do, you might want to consider using my printable teaching materials too. I have already published flashcards, worksheets and coloring pages featuring letter A. And this blog post is dedicated to letter B. Enjoy!

printable worksheet find letter b
Find letter B

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Phonics Flashcards (Consonants Bb, Cc and Ff)

My printable phonics flashcards proved to be quite popular among ESL teachers from all over the world. No wonder. English is considered to be a tough language to read. There are too many exceptions to spelling and pronunciation rules, so lots of kids who study English as their second language find it challenging to learn reading in English. My phonics flashcards are designed to point out some spelling patterns and corresponding sounds. These cards are helpful both for teachers and students as they present some example words that should be introduced to students to help them understand how the same letters can make different sounds in English words depending on their place in the word and the adjacent letters. All the words presented in the flashcards are easy to read and memorize as I have selected some of the most frequently used ones for each case.

Till today I had only completed flashcards for vowel sounds, however I took some time to work on consonant phonics too, so a set of English consonant flashcards is ready now. There are 124 flashcards in the consonant sent. I’ll be posting all of them here in my blog over the time. If you need them right now, you are welcome to purchase them in a printer-friendly PDF document. The document has high resolution flashcards images for easy and high quality printing. Just follow the links above to make a purchase in my store.

In today’s post I’d like to show you the first 28 consonant phonics flashcards.

Bb: cards №№1-2 present words with the sound [b] at the beginning and the end of the words. Card №3 contains words with the silent B. Cards №№4-5 present the blends bl, br.

Phonics flashcards, consonant b

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Irregular Verbs Puzzle Fashcards

Today I have a wonderful opportunity to share my new set of irregular verbs puzzle flashcards with fellow teachers and parents. Everybody knows all English verbs can be divided into two groups: regular and irregular. Past Simple and Past Participle forms of the regular verbs are built by adding -ed to the main form. Irregular verbs aren’t formed according to this general rule. There’s no rule of building them at all. Children should just remember these forms by heart.

The kit has 105 irregular verbs puzzle flashcards

Teaching irregular verbs to ESL students can be a rather challenging task. There are many types of activities a teacher can use while introducing this grammar topic to children. Based on my experience, I’ve designed a colorful set of irregular verbs flashcards in the form of puzzles as an interesting way of practicing irregular verbs while playing. Each puzzle contains an image illustrating an irregular verb. Then there are three pieces with the Infinitive, Past Simple and Past Participle forms of the verb. Below you can see some examples of using these forms in sentences. I used only such tenses as Present Simple, Past Simple and Present Perfect so that kids could focus on these irregular forms without getting lost in the complicated system of English tenses and structures.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Printable Sight Words Flashcards

Reading is a cornerstone skill for learning languages. However, teaching to read in a foreign language is a very complicated task for educators, and especially for those who work with little kids. It may seem like children struggle with reading even in their native language, let alone in English which they study as their second language. But, fortunately, most kids absorb languages very quickly as they frequently do at their age. It is the way their brains function as they start to discover the world around them. So many ESL teachers apply tried and true methods of teaching kids to read used by native language speakers. One of such methods is whole word method based on so-called sight words.

The kit has more than 550 Dolch sight word cards (including 95 image cards for nouns as well as cards featuring verbs in different forms)

The method implies memorizing high frequency words (sight words) as a whole by sight. Kids memorize how words look and thus learn to automatically recognize them in texts. It is especially useful for words with non-standard spelling patterns such as “was” or “come”.

First grade sight words
List of sight words (Dolch words) introduced in the first grade

One of the most popular lists of sight words was created by Edward William Dolch in 1938. He picked out 220 high frequency words from children’s books of his era. Those words should be easily recognized by kids for a better start to learning to read. They say that Dolch sight words cover from 50% to 75% of all words used in library books, school books and newspapers. It looks like a solid base for kids who learn to read in English as foreign language.

Color Coded Sight Words Flashcards

I tried to use sight words flashcards that I could find and download online. But the problem is that they all looked too dry and plain. Working with them is far from being fun for kids. So I decided to create my own set of printable sight words flashcards with the following benefits:

  • Attracting attention due to an unusual shape of cards
  • Color coded flashcards to help kids learn word order in English sentences
  • Sight word nouns with corresponding image flashcards
  • Interactivity and gamification

Sight words flash cards
Sight words flashcards designed for kids of different age groups, ranging from kindergarten to middle school