Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Irregular Verb Charts - Printable Posters

Irregular verbs are one of the most challenging aspects of English grammar for non-native speakers and especially for kids. There are a lot of irregular verbs along with their confusing forms in English which makes it impossible for young students to memorize them quickly and easily. When I was at school I had to learn lists of irregular verbs and their past simple and past participle forms by heart. But it was hard to hold them in my memory for a long time anyway. It was a boring and painful experience. Now, being an English teacher, I ask myself what I can do to help kids memorize common irregular verbs without turning the process into a torture for their brains. And as you know, my go-to method of teaching English vocabulary to children is visualizing things. You might have already seen my irregular verb flashcards and puzzles. And recently I decided to design printable irregular verb charts in the form of posters incorporating pictures to visualize 100 verbs.

Irregular verbs chart - printable poster for EFL and ESL students
One of five printable charts listing common irregular verbs and incorporating pictures to help students better memorize the verbs.


Recommended printing formats: A3 paper size (297 x 420 mm; 11.7 x 16.5 inches) or A1 paper size (594 x 841 mm; 23.39 x 33.11 inches).

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Letter V Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

I keep on demonstrating printable worksheets, flashcards and other resources that I designed to use for teaching the English alphabet to young students. In today’s blog post I’d like to show you the printables I use to introduce the letter V to kids at kindergarten and elementary school.
Find letter V worksheet -- printable ESL materials to teach English alphabet
Find letter V worksheet. Buy letter search worksheets for all letters.

Friday, August 20, 2021

ABC Train - Classroom Decoration

At the beginning of the school year EFL teachers like me will be inviting new students to their classrooms for the first time. Many of those kids have never learned a foreign language before. For some of them learning English will be a big challenge. That’s why I believe it is an important teacher’s mission to reassure young learners and make studying English a fun, interesting and exciting experience. I do my best to impress students even before we start our first English lesson. My arsenal of printable classroom decoration items for kindergarten and elementary school helps me grab children’s attention and get them excited about learning English with me.

Classroom alphabet banner - printable ABC train

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

School Vocabulary Worksheets (Free PDF)

The upcoming school year is getting closer and I have designed a set of printable worksheets that I’m going to use for my English classes to help my students memorize some useful words related to school such as classroom objects, school supplies and school subjects. The worksheets offer kids some simple exercises that make them learn the new vocabulary fast, easily remember the words and their spelling. I’d like to share these printable worksheets with my fellow EFL and ESL teachers who struggle finding time to create their own worksheets. Hopefully, my worksheets will do for you.

Word to Picture Matching Worksheets (download free PDF)

Free school vocabulary worksheet - word to picture matching exercises
My set of school vocabulary printables has worksheets featuring school supplies.