Monday, September 23, 2019

Letter F Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

This blog post combines some printable worksheets, coloring pages, flashcards and other teaching materials featuring English ABC letter “F” / “f” that I designed and published earlier in multiple posts. Such aggregator posts help my fellow EFL and ESL easier find related printables and choose the best resources for their lessons.

Find letter f worksheet -- printable ESL materials to teach English alphabet

Monday, September 16, 2019

Printable Food & Drinks Flashcards. Part 3.

This is another bunch of my printable flashcards that I would like to share with English teachers to help them introduce the food and drinks vocabulary to students, and make their lessons more fun and appealing to kids thanks to high quality teaching materials. This post offers 10 flashcards that belong to my food and drinks kit. The kit includes 63 printable flashcards (including a few British variations for some words) along with worksheets and games.

Buy the whole food & drinks kit in printer-friendly PDF format
The kit includes flashcards, 4 types of worksheets, dominoes and bingo game

Today’s food and drinks flashcards help introduce the following vocabulary: hamburger, honey, hot dog, ice cream, jam, juice, lobster, meat, mushroom, mustard. So here they are:

Hamburger - English food flashcards for ESL students

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Printable Halloween Flashcards: Spooky Characters

I start sharing my collection of printable materials designed to teach Halloween vocabulary with a bunch of colorful flashcards featuring some spooky Halloween characters. The flashcards serve as visual aids to introduce the following vocabulary: alien, devil, Frankenstein’s monster, ghost, monster, mummy, pirate, skeleton, troll, vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie. Although, I call them spooky, I used the cutest images I could get to design the flashcards. So they are great to use for teaching English to children of all ages. Even the youngest won’t be scared, but instead will have fun learning the Halloween characters.

My Halloween kit includes 39 printable flashcards along with worksheets and games. I will be sharing more printables from this kit in my future blog posts. I hope my fellow EFL and ESL teachers and their students will enjoy using my Halloween flashcards, games and worksheets for their English classes.

Alien - Printable Halloween flashcards

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Printable Halloween Worksheets, Flashcards and Games

Halloween is the closest major holiday that many English teachers dedicate their lessons to. The uniqueness of this holiday provides not only for a lot of fun activities in the classroom, but also for an opportunity to introduce the vocabulary that educators usually avoid when working with young students. This is when kids can learn some negative connotation albeit useful words such as coffin, cemetery, tombstone and so on. So I decided to design a set of printable flashcards, worksheets and games dedicated to Halloween in order to offer my young students some spooky fun and help them expand their English vocabulary in an uncommon topic.

Traditionally, my printable kit includes four types of worksheets, a bunch of colorful flashcards and two games. The kit is designed to introduce more than 30 words related to the celebration of Halloween. The full vocabulary includes the following words: alien, bat, black cat, bones, candy, cauldron, cemetery/graveyard, coffin, costume, devil/demon, Frankenstein's monster, ghost, gravestone/tombstone, haunted house, jack-o'-lantern, monster, moon, mummy, owl, pirate, potion, pumpkin, skeleton, skull, spider, spider web, troll, vampire, werewolf, witch, witch’s broom, witch’s hat, zombie.

Halloween vocabulary
My printable Halloween kit helps EFL and ESL teachers introduce more than 30 relevant words to young English learners.