Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Short O Sound Worksheets, Flashcards, Posters, Reading Comprehension

I keep on publishing my printables that I use to teach English phonics to kids. Here are some worksheets, flashcards and other teaching materials that can be handy in introducing the short o sound to young students.

Short O Sound Flashcards

Short o sound words - printable flashcards for ESL students
Learn more about my printable vowel phonics flashcards (new design).

Monday, April 25, 2022

Letter Tracing, ABC Learning Set

My old letter tracing worksheets proved to be very helpful in my classroom and popular among fellow English teachers as these prinables are one of the most popular items in my online shop. So I decided to design an extended printable ABC learning set that includes letter tracing and other tasks for preschool and elementary school students.

Letter tracing worksheet, printable letter A tracing
Printable letter A learning worksheet

This new ABC learning set is more visually appealing for kids and incorporates four tasks that help kids learn how to write and recognize English letters as well as memorize their first basic words: coloring, finding pictures that start with this or another letter, letter tracing, finding correct letters among other similarly looking letters, numbers and symbols.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Spring Vocabulary Worksheets

Kids are always eager to learn about nature, seasons and animals. So I’ve designed a new spring vocabulary worksheets set to help young students learn some English words reated to the spring season and have fun during English classes. This printable set includes tasks for preschool and elementary school students. There are worksheets for teaching relevant colors, letters and spring vocabulary. Children are asked to match pictures and words, choose the right answer, insert the missing letters and unscramble the words.

Here are a few worksheets included in the spring vocabulary teaching set.

Spring vocabulary worksheet for English learners

Friday, February 4, 2022

Present Continuous Reading Texts

Teaching English to young students, I do my best to offer kids interesting texts for reading. Kids do not need to be bored during English classes as boring teaching materials are bad for memorizing stuff. I try to incorporate reading into every topic we learn including grammar. I’ve always experienced problems with finding child-appealing texts for grammar topics. The recent classes dedicated to the present continuous tense (aka present progressive) showed that I badly needed a decent story with simple sentences containing this grammar structure to read with my students. So I decided to adapt one of my reading comprehension sets for my present continuous classes.

Present continuous reading