Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Columbus Day Worksheets and Reading Comprehension

Columbus Day is a prominent holiday in the United States of America that kids who learn English should know about. Since I mostly teach American English to kids who learn English as a foreign language, I do my best to dedicate at least a couple of classes to Columbus Day as it’s important for my students to be aware of American culture and history. For this purpose I have designed the Columbus Day reading comprehension set that includes printable worksheets and a dice game. So, in October, my middle school students are going to learn some US history as well as English vocabulary related to Christopher Columbus and his sea voyage to the New World.

Columbus Day worksheet - sailing ship parts

Monday, September 12, 2022

Reading for Kindergarten and Elementary Students (Free PDF)

Here is one of my reading comprehension sets for kindergarten and elementary school students that I’d like to share with my fellow EFL and ESL teachers. This is a short and easy-to-read story about an ant who loves apples and friendly bats living in an apple tree. This reading comprehension passage goes with a few worksheets including those that I use to help kids learn demonstrative pronouns this / that, these / those.

Reading comprehension passage for kindergarten and elementary school students

Friday, September 2, 2022

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Labor Day Worksheets and Reading Comprehension

My classroom calendar shows that the American Labor Day is on the horizon, so the first half of September would be a great time to talk about this holiday as well as learn new vocabulary related to professions and tools with my middle school and high school students. For this purpose I have designed the printable Labor Day kit for my English classes. The kit includes reading comprehension passages, worksheets, flashcards and vocabulary posters that help students learn more about Labor Day as well as memorize English words related to jobs and tools.
Labor Day worksheet -- printables for ESL students
Printable Labor Day worksheets help students memorize vocabulary related to jobs and occupations.