Wednesday, September 19, 2018

700+ Printable English Flashcards: Nouns

I’m happy to present you my new set of English flashcards. It’s a huge collection including more than 700 English nouns. I used pictures that I had found to create English-Spanish flashcards. As I promised I would design bilingual flashcards for a bunch of languages. However I decided to also make English-only flashcards that would serve as a great tool to teach English to kids regardless of their native language.

700+ hi-res image-based flashcards covering nouns in 16 topics

Just like the above-mentioned English-Spanish flashcards, the English flashcards set includes the most frequently used nouns related to 16 topics:


English flashcard, animals vocabulary, squirrel
Animals vocabulary flashcard featuring a squirrel

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Phonics Flashcards (Consonants Gg, Hh, Jj, Kk, Ll)

I continue sharing my English consonant flashcards set. There are 28 more cards in this post.

Gg: Cards №№29-30 present words with the sound [g] at the beginning and the end of the words. Cards №№31-34 contain words with the sound [ʤ] which is produced by the letter G before the vowels e, i, y and in the phonogram dg. Card №35 includes words in which the letter G is pronounced as hard [g] while the soft [ʤ] is expected. Card №36 contains words with the silent G. Cards №№37-38 present the blends gl, gr. Cards №№39-40 have words with the nasal sound [ŋ]. Cards №№41-42 contain words with the silent gh; card №43 includes words in which gh is pronounced as [f]. Card №44 presents the words with the phonograms gu, gh pronounced as [g].

letter g phonics, phonics flashcards

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

English Spanish Flashcards

An ESL teacher from Mexico sent me a message once asking whether I was interested in making English-Spanish flashcards to help educators in Spanish-speaking countries teach English to kids. Being an ESL teacher myself, I loved the idea of bilingual flashcards. So I decided to create a series of printable bilingual flashcards starting with the English-Spanish ones as a tribute to the Mexican teacher who gave me this wonderful idea.

High resolution flashcards covering 716 English nouns in 16 topics
English-only flashcards are available here

Spanish is a great language to focus on when starting my cause of creating bilingual ESL materials for teachers all over the world. It is estimated that there are some 480 millions of native Spanish speakers which makes Spanish the world’s second most spoken native language. The geography and economic connections of the majority of Spanish-speaking countries dictate make learning English a strategic necessity for their population as their English-speaking neighbours are their major trading partners and sources of tourists. In many cases the ability to speak English can be vital for people’s career in such countries as Mexico. The United States is Mexico’s biggest trading partner buying almost 80% of total Mexican exports. The number 2 trading partner is another English-speaking country — Canada. The USA is the top trading partner also for Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and some other Hispanic countries of Latin America.

English Spanish flashcards
My collection of English-Spanish flashcards covers 716 English nouns.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Phonics Flashcards (R-Controlled Vowels)

Today I would like to share the set of the R-controlled Vowel Sounds Flashcards.

The set consists of 20 flashcards. Cards №№ 133-136 present words in which the letter a followed by the letter r makes the sound [a:]. Card № 137 presents words where the letters o and r give [ɔː]. Cards №№ 138-140 present the sound [ɜː] made by the phonograms ir, ur, er.

Cards №№ 141-145 include phonograms -er, -or, -ur which produce the schwa sound [ə]. It should be noted that the card №143 gives the words with the British spelling of the phonogram -our like in colour, favour; the card №145 gives the same words with the American spelling -or like in color, favor.

Cards №№146-148 display such phonograms as -eer, -ear, -ere which make the sound [ɪə]. Card № 149 contains the words where the phonogram -ir meets one more vowel resulting in the sound [aɪə] like in fire, iron. Cards №№ 150-151 demonstrate the phonograms -our, -ower that give the sound [auə]. Card № 152 shows cases where the phonogram -ur meets one more vowel making the sound [juːə] like in cure, during.

english phonics flashcards r-controlled vowel sounds
Phonics Flashcards: r-controlled vowel sounds