Friday, April 3, 2020

Letter L Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

This is another blog post which purpose is to gather my printable teaching resources dedicated to one of English alphabet letters. This one combines printables designed to learn letter L from other posts published in this blog. Hopefully, this publication will help my fellow teachers better navigate through the blog to find the best teaching materials for their preschool and elementary school students.

Find letter l worksheet -- printable ESL materials to teach English alphabet

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Parts of the Body - Printable Board Game

We have designed another printable board game to help our young students learn English vocabulary through a fun activity. This one is designed to learn and properly memorize English names of parts of the human body.

This printable dice game features 36 human body parts images and word cards. The vocabulary to be learned includes the following words: arm, back, belly, buttocks, calf, cheek, chest, chin, ear, elbow, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, face, finger, fingernail, foot, forehead, hair, hand, head, heel, knee, leg, lip, mouth, neck, nose, palm, shoulder, throat, thumb, toe, tongue, tooth, wrist.

Parts of the body game
The printable board game helps students learn 36 names of human body parts in English. You can find the game rules below.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

American English vs. British English Matching Cards

Thanks to Hollywood English language got pretty much Americanized. Even in the conservative United Kingdom young people use more and more American words. Non-native speakers mix American English and British English very frequently too, mostly unwittingly. However it is important for English learners to be able to tell apart American and British variations of some key words in order to use them correctly. After all, we want to sound properly and accurately to the audience we communicate with because all too often our language defines our competence and the first impression of us. Therefore I offer my young students a large set of printable cards designed to help them memorize some commonly used words that differ from each other in American and British English.

The American English vs. British English set features 84 word pairs. The cards can be used both as visual aids to introduce the relevant vocabulary and as a set-up for word-to-picture matching activities. Such visually enhanced activities tend to be conducive to long-term memory. By using these cards, EFL and ESL teachers can raise children’s awareness of differences between American English and British English as well as expand students’ vocabulary with some useful words.

This is how my printable American English vs. British English cards look like.

American English vs. British English

Monday, March 23, 2020

Irregular Verbs Game

I remember the days when I was studying English irregular verbs at school. It was… well… boring to say the least. The concept of irregular verbs sounds weird to non-native speakers. All those irregular verbs lists and tables that many textbooks and dictionaries offer look intimidating to school kids. No wonder children have a hard time memorizing these verbs and their forms. Many grammar exercises designed to teach kids how to use irregular verbs do not boost young students’ memory either. Because all too often they are as boring as the long lists and tables in the textbooks. So I decided to add a little bit of fun into learning irregular verbs by offering my young students a printable board game. This irregular verbs game makes it easier for kids to memorize these special words and their forms thanks to lots of visually-appealing pictures and competitiveness of a game.

I have designed three printable game boards with some variations for kids to better memorize irregular verbs through a fun and visually enhanced activity. In my opinion, gamification is one of the best teaching methods to boost kids’ memory. This board game helps students memorize more than 80 English irregular verbs. Here are pictures of one of the game boards and its variations.

Printable irregular verbs game for English learners - dice game for ESL and EFL students