Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Reading Comprehension Worksheets: Drago the Dragonfly

This is another reading comprehension worksheet that belongs to my reading comprehension kit. The short reading passage is about a dragonfly named Drago:

Drago is a blue dragonfly. He has big transparent wings and loves to fly. He lives near a pond. His wings are strong, so Drago can fly very fast and far from his home. Drago has mosquitoes for dinner.

Reading comprehension worksheet for elementary school - printable ESL resources

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Letter H Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

Here are some printable worksheets, flashcards and coloring pages that I have designed to teach elementary school students to recognize and write the letter H. I have gathered relevant printables from multiple articles on this blog in a single post. Hopefully, this post will make it easier for my fellow EFL and ESL teachers to find great resources dedicated to the letter H for their English classes.

Find letter h worksheet -- printable ESL materials to teach English alphabet

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Reading Comprehension Worksheets: Short Word Stories

I shared some of my animal-related reading comprehension worksheets on social networks, and my fellow EFL and ESL teachers found them rather interesting. So I’d like to demonstrate another type of reading comprehension passages that I use for my English classes.

I love this trick when I ask early readers to read a relatively long and seemingly intimidating English text, and they suddenly realize they can easily read it and understand most of it. Their reaction is always very positive and they feel proud of their reading accomplishments. So I write these reading comprehension passages consisting only of short words (mostly three-letter words and a few four-letter words). I often use these passages with my elementary school students (first and second grade) as well as with older kids who struggle to learn English as a foreign language.

I have written six short-word reading comprehension passages so far. I call them short word stories. And I have recently decided to add some tasks and questions to the stories to turn simple texts into colorful printable worksheets that would be more appealing to elementary school children. Such reading comprehension worksheets definitely bring more fun to the classroom and encourage kids to further develop their English reading fluency.

So I have designed some printable worksheets that incorporate the following reading comprehension passages:

  • My Dad Is a Vet [78 words]
  • My Dad and My Pal Are Eating a Pie [88 words] (I use this one to teach the present continuous tense)
  • Can I Get a Pet? [88 words]
  • A Van for My Big Dog [115 words]
  • Can I Own a Van? [145 words]
  • An Ant Bit My Toe [291 words] (this one is good for teaching different meanings of the verb “get”)

I’d like to share a few reading comprehension worksheets based on my short word stories. So here they are:

Reading comprehension passage - printable ESL worksheet for elementary school
Reading comprehension passage "My Dad Is a Vet"

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Printable Flashcards: Animal Actions. Part 1.

I have designed 56 printable animal action flashcards to expand the animal-related vocabulary of my elementary school students during English classes for which I use my reading comprehension worksheets. If you follow my blog, you might already know that over 280 colorful flashcards as well as 11 reading passages and related worksheets make up my reading comprehension kit. The 56 animal actions flashcards are among those hundreds of flashcards belonging to the kit.

The flashcards can help English teachers introduce the following animal actions vocabulary: attack, bathe, bite, brood, carry, catch (a prey), chew, chomp, climb, dig, crawl, drink, eat, feed, flutter, fly, gallop, graze, hang, hatch, hide, lay eggs, jump, hop, leap, lick, lie, nibble, peck, play, poop, prance, prey, run, scratch, scurry, sit, slither, sleep, snarl, soar, spit, spray, stand, sting, stomp, swim, swing, waddle, wag, walk.

Attack (bull) - printable animal actions flashcards for English learners