Saturday, March 25, 2017

Letter Tracing Worksheets (Letters A - J)

Letter tracing worksheets are the first thing to be used by English teachers introducing the alphabet to kids. They are especially indispensable for ESL teachers working with preschoolers in countries with non-Latin languages where letters considerably differ from the English ABC. Children in China, Japan, Korea and Arabic countries are likely to require more time to get used to English ABC and train themselves to write letters. They need more practice and letter tracing worksheets can be a great help in developing their basic handwriting and letter recognition skills.

I've decided to help educators teach children how to write English alphabet. So I've designed printable letter tracing worksheets that teachers can hand out to little students and ask them to trace uppercase and lowercase letters. To make the alphabet writing practice even more fun I've added coloring images starting with a letter to be traced. This makes the worksheets usable even for kindergarten where coloring is a popular activity for small kids with a short attention span.

I hope teachers will like my alphabet tracing worksheets and they help them with the teaching process. And I hope kids will like them too. This post contains letter tracing worksheets for the first 10 letters of the English alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J).

Letter a tracing worksheet, English for kids
Letter a tracing worksheet

Letter b tracing worksheet
Letter b tracing worksheet

Letter c tracing worksheet for ESL teachers
Letter c tracing worksheet

Printable letter d tracing worksheet
Letter d tracing worksheet

Letter e tracing page
Letter e tracing worksheet

Letter f tracing worksheet, English alphabet
Letter f tracing worksheet

Letter g tracing paper
Letter g tracing worksheet

Letter h tracing worksheet for kindergarten
Letter h tracing worksheet

Letter i tracing worksheet for preschoolers
Letter i tracing worksheet

Letter j tracing worksheet
Letter j tracing worksheet

Handwriting paper
Handwriting practice paper

Other letter tracing worksheets:

Letter tracing worksheets (letters Kk - Tt)


  1. Nice worksheets. But I am heavy on phonics for the young EFL learners. I want early learners to feel successful at their attempt to read anything I give them.

  2. Excellent idea, we need it a lot when we work with kids, thanks; how can get from k to z?

  3. Thank you for sharing... It will help a lot for my daughter...

  4. Thank you so much for making this available to us.
    How do I get the letters Uu - Zz?

  5. thank you very much. this is very helpful.

  6. It's really very useful...after K leftover are needed pls...

  7. Thank you for allowing us to download such wonderful tracing of letters

  8. This are the only letter tracing printout that come close to what I need. I do have three changes I would like to recommend that would make them prefect for me.
    First changing the order of tracing for the lower case b to the circle first then the tall down.
    Second it would be nice to have worksheets without pictures.
    Third that the first letter on each line would be in dashes.
    Thank you for making a great product.
    Timothy Goettsch
    CEO/Lead Teacher @ Learning To Read America.

  9. thank you very much, this is very helpful! :)