Monday, October 21, 2019

Reading Comprehension Worksheets: Anna the Cow

This is the second printable reading comprehension passage from my animal-related reading comprehension kit that I share on my blog. As usual the worksheets incorporate the short text about an animal (this time it's a cow) followed by questions and tasks such as true or false statements. The second worksheet is the same passage with some nouns replaced with pictures. The reading comprehension passage goes as follows:

Anna is a cow. She lives on a farm with her family. She is a mother to a cute calf. Anna’s husband is a big and strong bull. Anna eats grass and gives milk. When she is not too busy, she spends time with other animals that live on the farm. Her best friends are horses, sheep, and goats.

Reading comprehension worksheet for elementary school

Reading comprehension and fluency passage for ESL and EFL students

Since the passage talks about a calf, English teachers can use it to help students learn names of young animals. I have created more than 280 colorful flashcards to be used with my reading comprehension worksheets in order to expand kids' vocabulary and make it easier for them to speak and write about animals. This large set of printable flashcards includes 40 flashcards featuring animals and their babies. So these flashcards would be ideal for using in the class when reading this passage about Anna the cow and her family.

Printable flashcards to learn animals and their babies
My reading comprehension kit includes 40 flashcards to learn names of animals and their babies in English.


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  1. the story was nice and i hoped anna have a good time with her freinds and hunband