Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Printable Alphabet Posters for Every Letter

I have designed printable English alphabet posters for every letter to display on my classroom walls. The traditional one-sheet ABC posters featuring all the letters with a single picture representing each one do not seem to grab children’s attention these days. Today’s kids are involved in a massive torrent of information and all sorts of child-appealing content through television and Internet-enabled devices. So it’s really hard to attract their eyeballs with a poster on a wall. But how about 26 colorful alphabet posters riddled with pictures? It’s something new for a modest English classroom like mine, and kids seem to love the posters I have created for them.

Printable English alphabet posters for classroom wall decoration
ABC posters printed on A3 paper sheets.

My young students love looking at those ABC posters and they are excited about the fact that they are going to learn so many cool words throughout the alphabet learning stage. Also my colleagues love the idea as well, so I’m kinda proud that my EFL classroom offers an out-of-the-box alphabet visualization solution for my beginner students.

Large printable English alphabet poster - letter A - A1 size
The PDF document has the resolution high enough for high quality printing the ABC posters on large A1 paper sheets.

Since many of my colleagues love this alphabet posters design, I decided to sell it to fellow EFL and ESL teachers. My printer-friendly PDF-based set offers 3 formats of printable alphabet posters: full A3 paper size format, A3 paper size format consisting of two A4 paper sheets to be glued together into A3-size sheets for teachers who do not have an A3 printer, and A4 paper size format that can serve as printable handouts for kids.

Printable alphabet poster - letter A with pictures - classroom wall decoration

Printable alphabet poster - letter B with pictures - classroom wall decoration

There are 26 printable posters in the set plus 4 additional posters with words that have different spelling in British English for those educators who prefer teaching British English. All those posters feature more than 300 pictures and that’s what my young students love about them most of all. I hope your students will love such printable English alphabet posters too.

Printable alphabet poster - letter C with pictures - classroom wall decoration

Printable alphabet poster - letter D with pictures - classroom wall decoration

Printable alphabet poster - letter E with pictures - classroom wall decoration

Printable alphabet poster - letter F with pictures - classroom wall decoration

Printable alphabet poster - letter G with pictures - classroom wall decoration

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