Friday, August 20, 2021

ABC Train - Classroom Decoration

At the beginning of the school year EFL teachers like me will be inviting new students to their classrooms for the first time. Many of those kids have never learned a foreign language before. For some of them learning English will be a big challenge. That’s why I believe it is an important teacher’s mission to reassure young learners and make studying English a fun, interesting and exciting experience. I do my best to impress students even before we start our first English lesson. My arsenal of printable classroom decoration items for kindergarten and elementary school helps me grab children’s attention and get them excited about learning English with me.

Classroom alphabet banner - printable ABC train

In September, when new kids come to my English classroom, I decorate the walls with my posters (English alphabet posters and vocabulary posters). This year I have brought another classroom decoration idea to life - an ABC train. The printable ABC train consists of a locomotive and 26 open wagons (aka gondola cars), one for every letter of the English alphabet, carrying animals whose names start with corresponding letters. First, I’ll put the locomotive and three first gondola cars featuring letters A, B and C on the wall to draw students’ attention. And then, as soon as we learn another letter, I’ll be adding a new car to the train until the entire train is on the wall. It's going to look like a cool alphabet banner.

The ABC train classroom decoration features cute child-appealing pictures of animals. You can see some of the train cars in this blog post. If you like the idea of decorating your classroom with the same printable ABC train and making learning the English alphabet even more fun for your preschool and elementary school students, you are welcome to buy the high resolution PDF file for high quality printing. The recommended printing size is up to A3 paper format.

Alphabet for classroom decoration - letter A - ABC train

English alphabet decoration for classroom - letter B

Printable alphabet for classroom decoration - ESL printables

Classroom decoration idea for kindergarten - ABC train

Classroom decoration for grade 1 - English alphabet train

ABC train - classroom wall decoration banner for elementary school and kindergarten

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