Tuesday, August 17, 2021

School Vocabulary Worksheets (Free PDF)

The upcoming school year is getting closer and I have designed a set of printable worksheets that I’m going to use for my English classes to help my students memorize some useful words related to school such as classroom objects, school supplies and school subjects. The worksheets offer kids some simple exercises that make them learn the new vocabulary fast, easily remember the words and their spelling. I’d like to share these printable worksheets with my fellow EFL and ESL teachers who struggle finding time to create their own worksheets. Hopefully, my worksheets will do for you.

Word to Picture Matching Worksheets (download free PDF)

Free school vocabulary worksheet - word to picture matching exercises
My set of school vocabulary printables has worksheets featuring school supplies.

Free school supplies vocabulary worksheet for ESL

Circle the Correct Picture Worksheets (download free PDF)

My school vocabulary worksheet for grade 1 - free PDF

Free school subjects worksheet for English learners
One of printable worksheets featuring school subjects.

Multiple Choice Worksheets (download free PDF)

School vocabulary worksheets - free PDF printables

My school vocabulary worksheet for ESL students in elementary

Write Missing Letters Worksheets (download free PDF)

Free school vocabulary worksheets - words spelling

Classroom objects worksheets - school vocabulary

Unscrample Words Worksheets (download free PDF)

Free unscramble words worksheets - school vocabulary

Unscramble the words worksheet to learn English school vocabulary

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