Friday, August 6, 2021

Sight Words Worksheets

I have designed a bunch of printable sight words worksheets and activities to help kindergarten kids and elementary students build their first English vocabulary and acquire basic reading skills. There are more than 80 printable worksheets, more than 500 flash cards and a small reading comprehension kit in my sight words arsenal based on Dolch words. I’d like to share some of these printables with my fellow EFL and ESL teachers.

Free printable sight words worksheets

Sight words are frequently used words that kids are supposed to recognize instantly. The Dolch words list is the basic vocabulary I introduce to my young students after they learn the ABC. This vocabulary is enough to proceed with more complicated reading (such as my short word stories), writing and speaking exercises. My collection of printable worksheets and activities helps my preschool and early school students memorize sight words and retain them in their memory forever. I work with kids that learn English as a foreign language so the best way to strongly memorize English words outside of the English-speaking community is by frequently dealing with them through all kinds of exercises and activities. That’s why I design so many printable worksheets for my English classes.


Buy the extended version and support creation of more free printables for teachers.
The extended version includes worksheets featuring verbs and adjectives.

The collection of sight words printables includes worksheets that require kids to match words and pictures and choose the right picture from the group. These worksheets are good at forming a strong association between the word and its meaning. So here are some of the worksheets that I use to teach sight words to young English learners.

Word to Picture Matching Worksheets

Sight words worksheets - matching words to pictures
There are 33 matching worksheets in my collection.

Sight words animals worksheet for grade 1

Sight words worksheet - verbs

Picture Choice Worksheets

Free sight words worksheets
There are 22 picture choice worksheets in my collection.

Verbs sight words worksheet

Sight words adjectives - printable worksheet

Read and Cover Worksheets

Sight words reading worksheet

Sight words reading activity for kindergarten

Dolch sight words verbs activity for kindergarten

Sight words activity for kindergarten - verbs

Pronouns Worksheets

Sight words pronouns activity for kindergarten and grade 1
Pronouns make a part of Dolch words list so I created a few printables to help kids learn English pronouns. We use clothespins for this activity.

Sight words clothespins activity - pronouns

Sight words clothespins activity to learn English pronouns

I hope my fellow English teachers will find my collection of printable sight words worksheets useful for their teaching practice. They are welcome to download the free PDF version or buy the whole collection (including worksheets featuring verbs and adjectives). By purchasing these worksheets for a modest price you support my designing activities and help me create more free printables for teachers all over the world.

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