Monday, October 7, 2019

Halloween Worksheets: Word to Picture Matching

Halloween is getting closer, and I continue to share my printable worksheets I designed to be used for my English classes dedicated to this holiday. Today I'd like to publish my word to picture matching worksheets. Those worksheets help students memorize dozens of English words related to Halloween including some spooky characters.

The word to picture matching worksheets make a part of my ESL Halloween kit that also includes another type of matching worksheets, flashcards, word search and crossword puzzles, dominoes and bingo game. The Halloween kit has five word to picture matching worksheets while this blog posts features only three of them. If you like them, you are welcome to purchase the whole set of printable ESL teaching materials dedicated to Halloween in hi-res printer-friendly PDF files.

Printable Halloween worksheet - word to picture matching

Free Halloween worksheet - ESL printables

Free Halloween worksheets - printables for ESL and EFL teachers

Printable Halloween activities

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