Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Printable Halloween Worksheets, Flashcards and Games

Halloween is the closest major holiday that many English teachers dedicate their lessons to. The uniqueness of this holiday provides not only for a lot of fun activities in the classroom, but also for an opportunity to introduce the vocabulary that educators usually avoid when working with young students. This is when kids can learn some negative connotation albeit useful words such as coffin, cemetery, tombstone and so on. So I decided to design a set of printable flashcards, worksheets and games dedicated to Halloween in order to offer my young students some spooky fun and help them expand their English vocabulary in an uncommon topic.

Traditionally, my printable kit includes four types of worksheets, a bunch of colorful flashcards and two games. The kit is designed to introduce more than 30 words related to the celebration of Halloween. The full vocabulary includes the following words: alien, bat, black cat, bones, candy, cauldron, cemetery/graveyard, coffin, costume, devil/demon, Frankenstein's monster, ghost, gravestone/tombstone, haunted house, jack-o'-lantern, monster, moon, mummy, owl, pirate, potion, pumpkin, skeleton, skull, spider, spider web, troll, vampire, werewolf, witch, witch’s broom, witch’s hat, zombie.

Halloween vocabulary
My printable Halloween kit helps EFL and ESL teachers introduce more than 30 relevant words to young English learners.

Printable Halloween worksheets, flashcards and games for English lerners

The printable Halloween set includes the following:

5 word to picture matching worksheets

Halloween worksheet - word to picture matching activity
One of word to picture matching worksheets helping kids memorize the Halloween vocabulary.

7 picture to word matching worksheets

Halloween worksheet - picture to word matching activity
One of picture to word matching worksheets designed to help kids memorize the Halloween vocabulary.

3 crossword puzzles

Halloween crossword - printable ESL worksheets
One of Halloween crossword puzzles that help kids better memorize spelling of some words.

2 word search puzzles

Halloween word search puzzle - printable ESL worksheets
One of Halloween word search puzzles.

36 domino cards

Printable Halloween domino cards - ESL game
Samples of printable Halloween domino cards.

15 bingo cards (plus word cards and chips)

Printable Halloween bingo game
One of printable Halloween bingo cards.

39 colorful flashcards

Printable Halloween flashcards for ESL
Samples of printable Halloween flashcards.

I’ll be sharing some of my Halloween worksheets, flashcards and games in my future blog posts. My fellow EFL and ESL teachers are welcome to buy the entire Halloween kit that is already available in printer-friendly PDF format here.

Teachers are also welcome to use my Hallowing song – “This Scary Night” and the worksheets I created specially for this song. It will definitely bring more fun to the classroom.

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