Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Printable Halloween Dominoes. Part 1.

It's one day before Halloween and I keep on sharing my printable worksheets, flashcards and games that I have designed to use for my English classes dedicated to this holiday. Today's post is about my Halloween dominoes. The domino cards feature the same pictures as the Halloween flashcards so teachers can use them to strengthen the Halloween materials that students have been learning during the holiday period.

The domino game is a part of my printable Halloween kit that contains another game ― Halloween bingo. The kit helps me turn the Halloween season into a fun and productive learning process that helps my students memorize the Halloween vocabulary.

Halloween dominoes

Printable Halloween dominoes

Printable Halloween dominoes - ESL worksheets and other resources

Halloween dominoes for ESL students

Printable dominoes to learn Halloween vocabulary

Printable Halloween activities - the domino game

Printable Halloween game - dominoes for kids

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