Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Bingo

Happy Halloween, everyone!!! It's the last day of the Halloween season and I'd like to show you the last printable resource related to the holiday that have not yet shared on this blog. It is the printable bingo game.

The Halloween kit this bingo game belongs to includes 15 printable bingo cards. So it is enough to organize a fun bingo game with a relatively large group of kids. My students love this kind of games. Activities like this are great for memorizing the vocabulary. As a rule, I use the bingo and domino games at the end of the period I dedicate to Halloween in order to revise and strengthen what student have learned.

Printable Halloween bingo card

Printable Halloween bingo cards for ESL students

Printable Halloween bingo game

Halloween bingo vocabulary cards
Word cards for the Halloween bingo game.

Printable Halloween bingo chips
Printable bingo chips.

Halloween vocabulary
The Halloween vocabulary my students memorize with the help of the bingo game.

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