Friday, May 5, 2017

ESL Game: Alphabet Puzzle

English teachers working with kids, especially with those who learn English as second language, have to face one of the biggest challenges a teacher has to deal with. The challenge is keeping young learners entertained while learning the language. Although little kids' brains are brilliant in memorizing things and absorbing a new language, it's extremely hard to make children learn something when they are bored. Their attention span is to short to focus on something boring. The traditional English teaching approaches used for adult learners do not work for preschoolers and elementary school student, let along toddlers whose moms want them to learn English as early as possible. Teach children like adults and you'll see them fidgeting and yawning throughout the entire lesson with almost no success in learning the language. So that's why ESL teachers have to resort to using fun activities, games, songs, colorful pictures and cartoons to grab kids' attention and create that atmosphere of fun and excitement where children's brains get ready to memorize letters, vocabulary and phonetics with and astonishing ease.

Unfortunately, all those games, flashcards, worksheets, songs and movies require a great deal of time, efforts and money for teachers to get or create them. I thought I'd create some teaching materials including printable worksheets and games to spare ESL teachers' time a little bit and let them take care of their personal needs besides getting occupied with their professional stuff.

English alphabet puzzle, ESL game for children
Printable English alphabet puzzle game

This is a printable ESL game I have recently created to help teachers introduce the English alphabet to kids. The game is designed in the form of a jigsaw puzzle incorporating uppercase and lowercase letters and pictures of objects and animals starting with these letters. This printable cutout game will help preschoolers and elementary school kids memorize and recognize English alphabet letters as well as associate them with basic words. Kids will certainly love colorful pictures and a popular puzzle game which will stimulate their cognition big time. Although there are many free ESL worksheets and flashcards on my blog, I would like to sell this alphabet puzzle game for as little as $4 to be able to create more printable worksheets and flashcards for English teachers. You can buy it in my store. If you have any suggestions on improving this game, I would be more than happy to make it a perfect fit for your English teaching practice.

ESL game, printable English alphabet jigsaw puzzle
All English alphabet puzzle cards (preview)

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