Friday, May 3, 2019

Printable Awards for Learning Alphabet

I have designed some printable awards that I hand out to my pre-school and elementary school students to encourage those kids to learn the English alphabet letters.

Unlike many printable awards English teachers can find online, my ABC awards can be given to students for each alphabet letter they learn. I have created an individual award for each letter of the English alphabet that a kid learns.

Printable awards for learning English ABC
This is how my ABC awards look like in the printer-friendly PDF document. See the preview.

The ABC award has a round cut-out shape that incorporates a cute picture of an animal or a thing which name starts with this or another letter as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. It looks like a chip or a big coin. The coin also has writings that go like “ABC AWARD”, “Now you know the letter “Aa” (or other relevant ABC letter)”, the name of the featured animal or thing, and a phrase or word of encouragement, excitement or admiration with the kid’s achievement. The interesting thing about these encouragement words and phrases is that they all start with the same letter that is featured on the award. These coins (or chips or medals whatever you would like to call them) can become a collectible thing for kids, and they are sure to be excited about each alphabet letter they learn to win something cool like these awards. This excitement will help young students learn English ABC fast and remember the letters for a long time to use them for future more advanced assignments like reading and writing.

Printable award for alphabet learning -- letter A is for ant

So these awards create an exciting feeling of winning for young students. This kind of feeling is important especially when kids start studying something like a foreign language which can be pretty much boring sometimes. English teachers’ goal is to make their lessons as much fun as possible and particularly for kids at kindergarten and elementary school. My printable cut-out alphabet awards can contribute to fun in the classroom by letting children win and collect something cool for their efforts. This fun alphabet teaching idea will certainly make kids fall in love with learning English from the first lesson.

Printable award for alphabet learning -- letter B is for bear

I’d like to share a few printable awards here in my blog. Hopefully EFL and ESL teachers will love these classroom awards enough to buy the whole set. You can see a low resolution preview of the printer-friendly PDF file HERE.

Printable award for alphabet learning -- letter C is for cat

Printable award for alphabet learning -- letter D is for dog

Printable award for alphabet learning -- letter E is for elephant

Printable ESL award for alphabet learning -- letter F is for fox

Printable awards for alphabet learning -- letter G is for giraffe

Printable award for ABC learning -- letter H is for hippo

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