Sunday, August 25, 2019

Printable African Animals Dominoes

Dominoes is an easy game that can be used to teach English even to the youngest students. This is why I design printable domino cards to play with kids when strengthening new vocabulary. The game offers a challenge that is easily solved by the majority of children thus leaving them proud of their achievement and experiencing some positive emotions. Every teacher knows that positive emotions in the classroom are extremely good for students’ memory and desire to learn. I also do my best to design bright and colorful domino cards to make English learning experience even better for my precious little students. I usually use the domino game along with the bingo game to gamify my teaching process and make it more effective with young English learners. Such activities bring a lot of fun to my classroom.

Buy the whole animals kit in printer-friendly PDF format
The kit includes flashcards, 4 types of worksheets, dominoes and bingo game

Since animals belong to one of the major topics with a large vocabulary to be learned, I have created as many as 162 printable domino cards (including a few for British English variations of some animal names) to help kids memorize animal names through playing individually and in groups. I designed the game in such a way that a teacher could offer students to match animal pictures with their names within certain groups of animals (African animals, Australian animals, polar animals, pets, farm animals, sea animals, forest and jungle animals, birds, insects) as well as for the entire vocabulary I based the printable animal kit on.

Printable African animals dominoes - free ESL materials

I will be publishing my printable domino cards for group of animals listed above in this blog. I’d like to start with African animals dominoes for the following vocabulary: giraffe, zebra, camel, lion, rhino, gorilla, hyena, meerkat, cheetah, antelope, hippo, ostrich, monkey, elephant, crocodile.

Printable African animals dominoes - English ESL worksheets

My fellow EFL and ESL teacher can use these dominoes for free. They are also welcome to buy the entire animals kit that also includes a lot of worksheets, flashcards, bingo game cards and dominoes designed to help kids learn over 100 names of animals in English.

ESL domino game: African animals

Animal dominoes - African animals - printable ESL resources

African animals domino  game - free ESL worksheets

Fellow English teachers can use the African animals dominoes with my African animals song.


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