Friday, October 26, 2018

English-French Flashcards

I’m glad to announce the release of another set of printable bilingual flashcards. This time it is English-French flashcards. They are designed to help ESL teachers working with kids whose native language is French teach English in a fun way.

High resolution flashcards covering 700+ English nouns in 16 topics
English-only flashcards are available here

My husband used to study French in a Foreign Language Institute as a second foreign language. He used to teach French at school and even worked in France for a while. So he helped me to create this set of printable English French flashcards.

English-French flashcards
English-French flashcards are designed in different colors depending on the gender of French nouns

When designing English-French flashcards, I also thought about educators who might want to use this visual teaching material to teach French to English speakers. That is why I have designed flashcards in three different colors depending on the gender of French words: red for feminine French nouns, blue for masculine French nouns and magenta for French nouns that can be both feminine and masculine (e.g., professions).

Just as the recently released sets of English-Spanish flashcards and English-only flashcards, the English-French set covers nouns that make up the core English vocabulary every beginner should know. I have included some common nouns recommended by educators for kids who start learning to read. We know these words as sight words. The flashcards feature some frequently used nouns from the Dolch sight word list and the Fry sight word list. Therefore educators can easily use some of these flashcards to teach English to francophones at kindergartens and elementary schools.

English-French flashcards with British and American vocabulary differences
The set of English-French flashcards considers differences between British and American vocabulary

Since French speaking students are both in Europe in America, they might need to take into consideration differences between British and American English. My collection of printable English-French flashcards offers both common British and American terms for some vocabulary featured in the set.

You are unlikely to find a larger collection of printable English-French flashcards. The set includes more than 700 flashcards covering nouns in the following 16 topics:


Snail in French, escargot en anglais, English-French animal flashcards
One of the animal flashcards featuring a snail.

Calendar and Time

hour in French, heure en anglais, English-French time flashcards
One of the English-French flashcards in the "Calendar and Time" set.

Clothes and Accessories

scarf in French, écharpe en anglais, English-French clothes flashcards
One of the clothes flashcards featuring a scarf.

Food and Tableware

cheese in French, fromage en anglais, English-French food flashcards
One of the food flashcards featuring cheese.

Home and Furniture

bedroom in French, chambre en anglais, English-French home and furniture flashcards
One of the home & furniture flashcards featuring bedroom.

Human Body

feet in French, pieds en anglais, English-French human body flashcards
One of the human body flashcards featuring feet.

Nature and World around Us

rainbow in French, arc-en-ciel en anglais, English-French nature flashcards
One of the nature flashcards featuring a rainbow.


woman in French, femme en anglais, English-French people flashcards
One of the people flashcards featuring a woman.

Places and Geography

bridge in French, pont en anglais, English-French places and geography flashcards
One of the English-French flashcards belonging to the "Places & Geography" set featuring a bridge.

Professions and Occupations

dentist in French, dentiste en anglais, English-French professions flashcards
One of the English-French flashcards of the "Professions & Occupations" set featuring a dentist.


school bag in French, cartable en anglais, English-French school flashcards
One of the school flashcards featuring a school bag.


crescent in French, croissant en anglais, English-French shapes flashcards
One of the shapes flashcards featuring a crescent.


cycling in French, cyclisme en anglais, English-French sports flashcards
One of the sports flashcards featuring cycling.


kite in French, cerf-volant en anglais, English-French toys flashcards
One of the toys flashcards featuring a kite.


ship in French, navire en anglais, English-French transportation flashcards
One of the transportation flashcards featuring a ship.

Miscellaneous Nouns

song in French, chanson en anglais, English-French nouns flashcards
One of the English-French flashcards belonging to the collection of miscellaneous nouns.

You can see the whole list of words featured in the set of English-French flashcards here.

The set of English-French flashcards features some colorful pictures that kids will certainly enjoy. Besides pictures, these visually enriched cards have cut-out parts with English and French words. Teachers might want to detach the word parts for one or both languages to use flashcards for different games and activities such as word-to image matching tasks.

I’ll be publishing individual English-French flashcards in a multiple future blog posts until the entire collection is available here. ESL teachers and other educators can download them for free from those posts or purchase all of them in high resolution printer-ready PDF version.


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