Wednesday, September 19, 2018

700+ Printable English Flashcards: Nouns

I’m happy to present you my new set of English flashcards. It’s a huge collection including more than 700 English nouns. I used pictures that I had found to create English-Spanish flashcards. As I promised I would design bilingual flashcards for a bunch of languages. However I decided to also make English-only flashcards that would serve as a great tool to teach English to kids regardless of their native language.

700+ hi-res image-based flashcards covering nouns in 16 topics

Just like the above-mentioned English-Spanish flashcards, the English flashcards set includes the most frequently used nouns related to 16 topics:


English flashcard, animals vocabulary, squirrel
Animals vocabulary flashcard featuring a squirrel

Calendar and Time

English flashcard, calendar and time vocabulary, watch
Calendar and time vocabulary flashcard featuring a watch

Clothes and Accessories

English flashcard, clothes vocabulary, boots
Clothes vocabulary flashcard featuring boots

Food and Tableware

English flashcard, food vocabulary, potato
Food vocabulary flashcard featuring potatos

Home and Furniture

English flashcard, home vocabulary, window
Home and furniture vocabulary flashcard featuring a window

Human Body

English flashcard, body vocabulary, face
Human body vocabulary flashcard featuring a face

Nature and World around Us

English flashcard, nature vocabulary, moon
Nature vocabulary flashcard featuring the Moon


English flashcard, people vocabulary, baby
People vocabulary flashcard featuring a baby

Places and Geography

English flashcard, places and geography vocabulary, amusement park
Places and geography vocabulary flashcard featuring an amusement park

Professions and Occupations

English flashcard, professions and occupations vocabulary, actress
Professions and occupations vocabulary flashcard featuring an actress


English flashcard, school vocabulary, classroom
School vocabulary flashcard featuring a classroom


English flashcard, shapes vocabulary, sphere
Shapes vocabulary flashcard featuring a sphere


English flashcard, sports vocabulary, archery
Sports vocabulary flashcard featuring archery


English flashcard, toys vocabulary, teddy bear
Toys vocabulary flashcard featuring a teddy bear


English flashcard, transportation vocabulary, car
Transportation vocabulary flashcard featuring a car

Miscellaneous Nouns

Printable English flashcards, nouns, bottom image
Miscellaneous nouns flashcard featuring bottom

The vocabulary featured in the flashcards is based on a number of basic English word lists recommended for children that begin learning the language. Besides lists compiled by fellow ESL teachers, I took into consideration the most common words for teaching reading recommended by researchers such as Edward B. Fry (a.k.a Fry sight words or instant words) as well as Edward William Dolch (Dolch sight words). You can see the whole list of words featured in my printable flashcards set here. So many of my flashcards can be used even by preschool educators working with toddles who are just starting to learn to read.

This set of flashcards includes both American and British vocabulary. If a noun differs in American and British English, the corresponding flashcards are marked with icons of US and UK flags.

American English vs British English vocabulary flashcards
The set of printable flashcards includes American English and British English vocabulary

I love using printed visuals for my English classes. Especially when I work with kids of the young age. Image-based flashcards are my number one tool for enhancing English language acquisition by pre-school and early school students. Children of this age explore the world mostly through visual images. That is why many children’s books have large and colorful illustrations that take up more place on the page than the text. Showing pictures along with words helps create stronger associations between words and objects they represent which is conducive to kids’ long-term memory. And regardless of age, the majority of students is likely to be visual learners. So utilizing visuals is indispensable for any educator and especially for those who teach foreign languages to beginners.

I did my best to collect some of the most colorful and interesting pictures to design my English flashcards. The better the image is, the stronger word-object association it can build for young learners. I still remember many illustrations from children’s books I used to have some 30 years ago. I believe that teaching English vocabulary with the help of some cool image flashcards can result in memorizing words by kids for many years if not for the rest of their lives. I hope that the set of English flashcards created by me will spare fellow teachers’ time for doing something more productive or pleasant rather than looking for pictures necessary to prepare their lessons. I did it for thrm by having spent months to find some of the best pictures and design hundreds of English nouns flashcards. I’m sure educators will appreciate this kind of visually-appealing teaching materials.

English flashcards with pictures
I was collecting pictures for months to design visually appealing flashcards to teach English

However I did not create my flashcards solely for vocabulary visualization purposes. I prefer more practical teaching materials. That is why I designed the printable flashcards with a cut-out part. The detachable part makes it possible to use flashcards for a variety of assignments (e.g., image-to-word matching, finding and fixing misplaced words) aimed at facilitation of learning, retention of the vocabulary and strengthening of the overall English knowledge. Such tasks also bring more fun to English lessons. Especially if a teacher can use them for group activities and all kinds of games that involve the basic English vocabulary.

I will be adding new publications featuring my printable English flashcards to this blog regularly. You can download them for free from my blog posts or you can choose to purchase the premium version of the entire set featuring high resolution flashcard in printer-ready PDF files. You might also be interested in bilingual flashcards which are currently available in Spanish, French and Chinese editions.

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