Friday, January 11, 2019

700+ English-Chinese Flashcards

I have created another big set of bilingual flashcards to be used by ESL teachers. This time these are English-Chinese flashcards. I believe they can serve as a good visual aid for kids learning English in China.

High resolution flashcards covering 700+ English nouns in 16 topics
English-only flashcards are available here

China has become one of the most popular destinations for English teachers looking for job opportunities abroad. Being a fast developing economy, China badly needs as many citizens who can speak decent English as possible. English is today’s lingua franca spoken by people from all over the world to establish trade relationships. As a leading economy, China has to be serious about all things that propel the country’s trade including, of course, English fluency of Chinese people. That’s why they eagerly invite educators from English speaking countries to China.

Printable English Chinese flashcards for ESL teachers
My printable English-Chinese flashcards can help ESL teachers break the ice and make their English classes more engaging for Chinese students

China is the most populated country of the world and that is the reason why Chinese need many English teachers. Therefore the eligibility requirements to become an English teacher in the Republic of China are quite liberal. Even native English speakers without teaching degrees and experience are welcome there to work as ESL teachers. Many people from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia use the opportunity to get a decent paying job in this Asian country that also involves exciting travelling, getting acquainted with interesting people and outstanding culture as well as witnessing the economic wonder of China with all the great benefits it can offer. Moreover, even non-native English-speaking teachers enjoy job opportunities in China.

Unfortunately, even the most qualified ESL teachers have to cope with lots of challenges of teaching English to Asian people. Their languages differ so much from European languages that they most probably regard English as something alien and extremely hard to learn. English must be as difficult to them as Chinese to the majority of speakers of European languages. The other problem is that too many English teachers working in China do not speak Chinese and therefore have hard time communicating with students. That’s why Chinese students require lot of visual materials during English classes to better understand the teacher. Hopefully, my English-Chinese flashcards will help ESL teachers break the ice and make their lessons less boring for Chinese students who just begin studying English.

It seems there are not so many English-Chinese printables available to ESL teachers online. So I decided to create my next set of bilingual flashcards featuring simplified Chinese (used in the mainland of China, Singapore and Malaysia but not in Taiwan and Hong Kong where mainly traditional Chinese characters are used) to offer them to educators working with Chinese students. I asked someone who knows Chinese to help me make those flashcards using the same collection of pictures I used to design English, English-Spanish and English-French flashcards.

There are more than 700 English-Chinese flashcards in the set. Traditionally, they include frequently used nouns (including the majority of Dolch sight word nouns) in the following 16 topics:


Panda English-Chinese flashcard for the animals topic, printable ESL flashcards
Animals vocabulary flashcard featuring a panda

Calendar and Time

Summer English-Chinese flashcard for the calendar and time topic, printable ESL flashcards
Calendar and time vocabulary flashcard featuring summer

Clothes and Accessories

Shirt English-Chinese flashcard for the clothes topic, printable ESL flashcards
Clothes vocabulary flashcard featuring a shirt

Food and Tableware

Rice English-Chinese flashcard for the food topic, printable ESL flashcards
Food vocabulary flashcard featuring rice

Home and Furniture

Door English-Chinese flashcard for the home and furniture topic, printable ESL flashcards
Home vocabulary flashcard featuring a door

Human Body

Eyes English-Chinese flashcard for the body parts topic, printable ESL flashcards
Body parts vocabulary flashcard featuring eyes

Nature and World around Us

Mountain English-Chinese flashcard for the nature topic, printable ESL flashcards
Nature vocabulary flashcard featuring a mountain


Family English-Chinese flashcard for the people topic, printable ESL flashcards
People vocabulary flashcard featuring a family

Places and Geography

China English-Chinese flashcard for the geography topic, printable ESL flashcards
Geography vocabulary flashcard featuring China

Professions and Occupations

Teacher English-Chinese flashcard for the professions topic, printable ESL flashcards
Professions vocabulary flashcard featuring a teacher


Pencil sharpener English-Chinese flashcard for the school topic, printable ESL flashcards
School vocabulary flashcard featuring a pencil sharpener


Star English-Chinese flashcard for the shapes topic, printable ESL flashcards
Shapes vocabulary flashcard featuring a star shape


Goal English-Chinese flashcard for the sports topic, printable ESL flashcards
Sports vocabulary flashcard featuring a goal


Rubber duck English-Chinese flashcard for the toys topic, printable ESL flashcards
Toys vocabulary flashcard featuring a rubber duck


Rocket English-Chinese flashcard for the transportation topic, printable ESL flashcards
Transportation vocabulary flashcard featuring a rocket

Miscellaneous Nouns

Dragon English-Chinese flashcard for misc nouns, printable ESL flashcards
Miscellaneous nouns flashcard featuring a dragon

You can find the entire list of nouns featured in the English-Chinese flashcards here.

Besides the central picture part, flashcards have English and Chinese word parts that can be cut out if necessary for different word-to-image matching activities. The Chinese word part also has the Pinyin transcription to give non-Chinese speakers an idea of how this or another word sounds in Chinese. This transcription certainly helps ESL teachers learn a little bit of Chinese to understand whether students give correct answers during word-to-picture matching activities. Likewise, such flashcards can be used to teach Chinese to English-speaking students.

American and British English variations in English-Chinese flashcard
American English and British English variations of certain words

Just as my other sets of bilingual flashcards these English-Chinese cards provide American and British English variations of certain words.

I hope ESL teachers working with Chinese-speaking students will find my English-Chinese flashcards useful. I will be publishing all the flashcards in the blog over time. You can download and use all my printable teaching materials. If you do not want to wait till I publish all my English-Chinese flashcards in this blog, you are welcome to purchase the entire set in a printer-friendly PDF format.


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