Sunday, January 13, 2019

Transportation Worksheets: Word to Picture Matching

Following the trend set with my blog posts about the Transportation Song and transportation flashcards, I decided to publish some more printable worksheets to offer ESL teachers a wider range of materials designed to introduce the transportation vocabulary to their students and help them better memorize the words.

The kit includes 4 types of worksheets, flashcards, dominoes game and bingo game

I have designed four types of colorful transportation vocabulary building worksheets: word to picture matching, picture to word matching, crossword puzzles, word search. I have also designed two printable ESL games: transportation dominoes and transportation bingo. So my fellow English teachers can use my transportation flashcards to introduce the vocabulary to students, then they can offer the worksheets to help students memorize the words, and finally students can play dominoes and bingo game to further consolidate the vocabulary in a fun way. This blog post offers the word to picture matching transportation worksheets.

Free printable transportation worksheet for ESL students
A word-to-picture matching worksheet designed to help students memorize the transportation vocabulary

My printables dedicated to transportation cover 20 nouns related to the means of transport and road traffic. These are the following words: airplane (BrE: aeroplane), ambulance, bicycle, boat, bus, cab (taxi), car, helicopter, highway (BrE: motorway), jet, motorcycle (BrE: motorbike), rocket, ship, submarine, subway (BrE: underground), traffic lights, train, truck (BrE: lorry), van, yacht.

Transportation vocabulary for ESL students

Since there are American English and British English variations of certain words, my transportation set includes individual worksheets for both American and British English vocabulary. I’ll be publishing only American English worksheets in this blog. ESL teachers are welcome to download and use those transportation worksheets for free. If you need the British English worksheets too, you are welcome to purchase the entire transportation kit in printer-optimized PDF documents (the kit includes hi-res flashcards, four types of worksheets with American English and British English variations, dominoes game and bingo game).

ESL transportation worksheet word to picture matching activities

Vocabulary matching transportation worksheet

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