Sunday, December 2, 2018

Printable Transportation Flashcards. Part 1.

Having published the blog post about the transport song, I decided I would start sharing my collection of 700+ English flashcards with those dedicated to the transportation topic. And soon, to follow the trend, I will create a set of printable games and worksheets for educators to help students memorize and consolidate the transportation vocabulary.

Means of transport are one of 16 topics featured in the set of printable flashcards designed for ESL teachers to introduce some common English nouns to students. The transportation picture cards cover the following vocabulary: airplane (UK: aeroplane), bicycle, boat, bus, cab (taxi), car, helicopter, highway (UK: motorway), jet, motorcycle (UK: motorbike), rocket, ship, submarine, subway (UK: underground), traffic lights, train, transportation, truck (UK: lorry), van, yacht.

airplane and aeroplane, printable transportation flashcards, American and British English

ambulance, free printable transportation flashcards

bicycle, free printable transportation flashcards

boat, printable transportation flashcards for ESL students

bus, free printable transport flashcards

cab and taxi, printable transportation flashcards

car, free printable transportation pictures and words flashcards

helicopter, printable flashcards of air transportation

highway and motorway printable transportation flashcards American and British English

jet, transportation in English vocabulary flashcards

motorcycle and motorbike printable transportation flashcards American and British English


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