Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Transport Song for Children

Today I would like to share my new Transport song for children. This song helps young learners memorize means of transport and have some fun while learning English.

Transport Song Lyrics
Verse 1
How can we get to Paris?
How can we get to Rome?
So many means of transport,
So many ways to go.

We can drive a car
No matter how far

We can fly a plane
As fast as a hurricane

We can go by train
Along a railway

We can take a bus
It’s so good for us

We can ride a bike
It's something all kids like

We can sail a boat
On sea in place of a road.

Verse 2
No matter how we travel
By train, plane, car or boat,
By bus, bike or whatever
We'll see the whole world!

Lyrics of the ESL transportation song for children
Transport song lyrics

Transport Flashcards

Here are some flashcards to use for your English classes on the transportation topic.

ESL transport flashcards for kids
Transport flashcards with pictures

English transportation flashcards for children

English transportation flashcard for ESL students

ESL transport flashcards with pictures

ESL teachers can also use the small cards with words published below in a variety of of activities such as matching words and pictures, searching for missing words and so on.

ESL transport flashcards with words
Transport flashcards with words

Transport Worksheets

As usual, I would like to offer some worksheets to consolidate the transportation vocabulary.

Worksheet 1: Children should read the names of transportation vehicles in English and match them to pictures.

English for kids, transport vocabulary worksheet, matching words to pictures
Transport vocabulary word-to-picture worksheet

Worksheet 1: Students are asked to unscramble the words and write them down on the line below.

ESL transportation worksheet, unscramble words
Transport vocabulary word unscramble worksheet.

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