Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Printable Transportation Bingo Game

Bingo is a game I often use along with dominoes for my English classes. The activity helps consolidate the vocabulary at the final stage of a topic. Today I’m publishing some of my printable transportation bingo cards.

The kit includes 4 types of worksheets, flashcards, dominoes game and bingo game

The rules are simple: the teacher draws the vocabulary cards from a bag or box to announce the words. Students have to cover the corresponding images on their transportation bingo cards with chips. The winners are those who are the first to cover a horizontal line, a vertical line or all the available pictures on a bingo card depending on the rules you decide to follow.

This post contains only five bingo cards. The transportation kit that ESL teachers are welcome to buy has 15 bingo cards to be used for larger groups of students. I hope my fellow English teachers and their students will enjoy playing the transportation bingo with my cards.

Printable transportation bingo game for ESL students

ESL transport bingo

Transport bingo game for English classes

Free printable bingo game for the transportation topic

Transport bingo worksheet - ESL game

Transportation vocabulary cards for the bingo game
Transportation vocabulary cards for the bingo game

Printable bingo chips
Printable bingo chips

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