Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Printable Christmas Dominoes. Part 1.

In this post I’d like to share my printable Christmas dominoes. Playing games is one of the most effective methods of teaching English to kids. I love playing games with my young students. They helps me engage even shy and weak student into the language learning process. Games create a relaxing and fun atmosphere during the class. Moreover games are a natural way of cognition for little kids. That’s why they seem to better memorize words whenever we play my printable vocabulary games during our English classes.

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One of my favorite games is dominoes. It’s a game with rather simple rules which develops such skills as recognizing the relevant vocabulary by meaning and spelling of words. I try to design dominoes for each major topic I teach to kids during the year.

No doubt, Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the world, so ESL teachers should dedicate some lessons to Christmas traditions and the winter season. Therefore dominoes make a part of my Christmas kit that I use to introduce the holiday vocabulary to kids. The Christmas dominoes feature the same pictures I used to design my Christmas flashcards. So dominoes can be used along with flashcards as another visual stimulus conducive to memorizing Christmas-related words.

ESL teachers are welcome to make use of my Christmas dominoes too. Please, share your experience in the comment section below.

Christmas dominoes for ESL students

Printable Christmas dominoes

Christmas domino game

Christmas dominoes game

ESL Christmas games

Christmas ESL activities, dominoes game

Christmas dominoes for children

Dominoes for Xmas day, English for kids

Christmas dominoes with colorful images

Christmas dominoes for English teachers

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