Thursday, October 11, 2018

Collocations Worksheets: Verb "Have"

In today’s article I would like to share the first part of my new collection of English collocations. First of all it should be defined the meaning of this concept.

A collocation is a common word combination of two or more words that usually go together in a way that sounds correct. Understanding this helps English learners improve their fluency and speak more natural. The meaning of a collocation might not be expected from the meaning of its separate words therefore it is extremely important to learn the meaning of some groups of words you can come across frequently.

This post introduces common collocations with the verb have. Below you can find the list of these collocations.

List of collocations with verb have to learn English
List of collocations with the verb have

Your students should always take into consideration that collocations don't exist in speech separately. They are always used in sentences being a part of life situations. You can study my examples below to delve deeper into the topic.

Examples of collocations with have in sentences
Examples of collocations with have in sentences

Collocations with have used in sentences

English collocations in use, verb have

I have also created a couple of collocation worksheets featuring the verb have for your students to better understand the collocation concept, practice collocations with the verb have and thus strengthen their English knowledge.

Worksheet 1: Your students should read the sentences, imagine the whole situation and insert the common collocations with have.

Collocations worksheets featuring the verb have
Collocations worksheet featuring the verb have

Worksheet 2: In this assignment students are asked to match the given collocations with their meanings.

Collocations with have, ESL worksheet

Collocations are essential building blocks of the natural-sounding English. I hope this post will be useful for ESL teachers and help them improve their students' English.


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