Thursday, October 11, 2018

Vocabulary Building Worksheets: Three-Letter Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles are another type of printable worksheets I create to help my young students build, expand and retain their English vocabulary.

I keep on publishing my ESL worksheets designed to introduce three-letter nouns to kids. Three letter words are good both for children and adult beginners because they are easy to remember. My collection of vocabulary building worksheets dedicated to three-letter nouns makes it possible to solidify these words into the active vocabulary of my students.

I have already published my three-letter nouns crossword puzzles, and this post in the second blog post of the series of publications dedicated to three-letter words.

There are 80 three-letter nouns featured in my vocabulary building worksheets. The list includes the following words: ant, ape, arm, art, axe, bag, bat, bed, bee, bib, bow, box, boy, bug, bus, can, cap, car, cat, cow, cup, dog, dot, ear, egg, eye, fan, fin, fly, fox, hat, hay, hen, hut, ice, ink, jam, jar, jet, jug, key, leg, lip, log, man, map, mat, mop, mug, net, nut, oil, owl, pan, paw, pea, pen, pet, pie, pig, pin, pot, ram, rat, rod, saw, sea, sun, tap, tea, tie, toe, top, toy, van, vet, web, wig, yak, zoo.

My printable word search puzzles help children memorize and recognized the above-listed nouns. I hope fellow teachers will find these worksheets useful in making their English lessons more fun and effective. So here are the printable three-letter nouns word search worksheet.

Word Search Puzzles

ESL word search puzzle
ESL word search puzzle for words ant, axe, cap, cup, jam, key, oil, pig, sun, tie.

Free ESL word search puzzles
ESL word search puzzle for words bee, van, fly, map, mug, hen, saw, pea, pin, ram.

Easy ESL word search puzzles to learn English nouns
ESL word search puzzle for words ape, bag, cow, egg, fan, ice, pen, sea, tap, top.

Printaple word searches for kids to build English vocabulary
ESL word search puzzle for words bat, bus, can, car, log, owl, paw, pet, toy, web.

Printable work search worksheets for school
ESL word search puzzle for words art, bib, cat, dog, eye, hat, jar, pan, pot, rat.

English word search printable puzzle worksheet
ESL word search puzzle for words arm, bed, boy, ear, hay, jug, leg, man, pie, tea.

Three letter words search puzzle for ESL lessons
ESL word search puzzle for words box, bug, fin, fox, jet, lip, net, nut, toe, vet.

Word search worksheets
ESL word search puzzle for words bow, dot, hut, ink, mat, mop, rod, wig, yak, zoo.

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