Monday, November 23, 2020

CVC Words Flashcards

CVC words are perfect for my elementary school students who started learning English just a few months ago. These short words are easy to memorize, so they are the instant passive vocabulary for non-native speaking kids I teach English to. That is why, when teaching basic English reading rules with CVC words, I do my best to help children memorize those words. I design my printable teaching materials accordingly: with a lot of pictures and word-to-picture matching tasks. I have recently designed a set of printable CVC words flashcards to make learning CVC words even more fun for my young students.

The kit includes 116 flashcards, 5 charts and 15 matching worksheets

There are 116 printable flashcards designed to visualize CVC words for elementary ESL and EFL students and thus stimulate their memory in order to expand their English vocabulary from the very outset. Each card has a picture and a word part. The word part can be cut out to be used for word-to-picture matching activities.

CVC words flashcards - short a sound words
Printable CVC flashcards featuring short a sound words.
The CVC flashcards feature the following words:
  • list of short a words: bag, rag, tag, bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, cab, lab, can, fan, man, pan, van, cap, map, nap, tap, car, jar, dad, lad, sad, dam, ham, jam, ram, gal, pal, yak, yam;
  • list of short e words: bed, med, red, den, hen, gem, jet, net, pet, vet, keg, leg, ten, men, pen, web;
  • list of short i words: bib, big, dig, fig, pig, wig, bin, fin, pin, tin, win, dip, lip, pip, sip, tip, zip, kid, lid, pit, sit, rim, six, gym;
  • list of short o words: bog, cog, dog, fog, hog, log, box, fox, cob, cod, pod, rod, cop, mop, top, cot, dot, pot, mom;
  • list of short u words: bud, bug, hug, bun, gun, nun, run, sun, bus, cub, cup, pup, sub, cut, hut, nut, gum, jug, mug, pug, rug, tug, mud, tub.

Printable CVC flashcards - short e words
Printable CVC flashcards featuring short e sound words.

CVC flashcards - short i words
Printable CVC flashcards featuring short i sound words.

CVC flashcards - short o words
Printable CVC flashcards featuring short o sound words.

CVC flashcards - short u words
Printable CVC flashcards featuring short u sound words.

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Short a sound CVC words chart
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CVC words worksheet - short a words
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