Tuesday, December 3, 2019

CVC Words Worksheets: Short A Sound

Reading CVC words is one of the first activities that educators offer children when teaching them how to sound out English words. Those consonant-vowel-consonant words are short and simple and therefore they are great for helping kids learn to read letters and pronounce sounds correctly. The CVC words are so simple that some parents use them to teach their children basic literacy from as early as four years old. And of course teachers offer a lot of CVC words activities to preschool, pre-k, kindergarten students. As an EFL teacher I use all sorts of CVC worksheets, games and other activities when teaching elementary school kids.

The kit includes 116 flashcards, 5 charts and 15 matching worksheets

Worksheets for short a, e, i, o, u sounds.

Most CVC words activities suggest reading the words aloud to pronounce consonant and short vowel sounds. If there is a mistake, a teacher or other students help the reader. Anytime we read the words though, kids start asking whether these are real words and what they mean. I seems that sometimes they got frustrated with dealing with so many words which meaning they don’t know. So I’ve got this idea that I could design printable CVC words worksheets featuring pictures of some words. Thus my students could read the words and build their basic vocabulary from the very outset of studying English.

So I’ve designed a few worksheets that include a list CVC words that can be illustrated with pictures and word-to-picture matching activities. Today, my students can read CVC words, understand their meaning and build their vocabulary by memorizing some simple words through matching worksheets. Kids love more visual CVC worksheets and they are more eager to read words with accompanying pictures.

CVC words with pictures - short a sound - printable ESL worksheets

I’d like to start sharing my printable picture-based CVC words worksheets with those featuring the short a sound.

CVC words worksheets - word to picture matching

CVC words worksheets

Free CVC words worksheets

CVC words activities for kindergarten, preschool and elementary school