Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Prepositions Worksheets

As the readers of my blog know, I do my best to make my English classes as fun as possible for my young students. It’s important for my students who learn English as foreign language to love English classes from the very beginning as it motivates them to make efforts in memorizing unknown words and spending time figuring out the tricky grammar of the new language. So I tend to create my own printable worksheets based on tried-and-true exercises I had a positive experience with when teaching English to elementary school kids. I try to make my worksheets as child-appealing and fun as possible. In this blog post I’d like to share my recently created worksheets designed to teach English prepositions of place.

I designed this printable 12-page activity book to be used for my English classes dedicated to prepositions of place. The PDF-based book features exercises that help elementary learners practice usage of such prepositions as on, in, under (below), behind, in front of, between, next to (beside), near, above. The worksheets also help me introduce the there is / there are structure to kids as well as revise the verb to be in the third person.

The preposition worksheets include matching activities, filling in the blanks exercises, multiple choice exercises and some others. I hope my fellow EFL and ESL teachers will find my printable prepositions worksheets useful for their classes too. Here are some pages from the activity book that my fellow English teachers can use right away. If you like them, you are welcome to buy all the worksheets in a printer-ready PDF file.

Prepositions worksheet for elementary learners
The first worksheets feature exercises for learning prepositions on, in, under.
Prepositions of place worksheets - grade 1 - ESL printables

Prepositions worksheet - in, on, under - grade 2

Prepositions in, on, under exercises - ESL printables

Prepositions of place worksheets with pictures
One of picture-based exercises for learning prepositions on, in, under, next to, near, behind.

Prepositions worksheet - there is, there are structure
This worksheet is designed to introduce the there is / there are structure.

Preposition of place exercise - fill in the blanks worksheet

Prepositions of place worksheet - above, under, next to, between
A printable worksheet designed to teach prepositions of place next to, below (under), above, between.

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