Monday, January 11, 2021

Short E Sound Worksheets, Flashcards, Posters, Reading Comprehension

I’d like to share some of my printable resources I use for my English classes when teaching basic sounds. This blog post is dedicated to printables that feature the short E sound. I hope my fellow EFL and ESL teachers will find my worksheets, flashcards, posters and charts useful for teaching English phonics.

Short E Sound Flashcards

Short e sound words - printable flashcards for ESL students
Learn more about my printable vowel phonics flashcards (new design).

Short E sound printable flashcards
Find more phonics flashcards (old version).

Short e sound words in pictures - printable flashcards
Learn more about CVC words flashcards.

Short E Sound Worksheets

Short e sound worksheet - English phonics worksheets
Learn more about my collection of printable English phonics worksheets.

Short E sound worksheet - matching words to pictures
Learn more about my printable vowel sounds kit.

Short e sound CVC words worksheet
Find more short e sound CVC words worksheets.

Short E Sound Reading Passages

Short e sound reading comprehension passage
Learn more about the vowel phonics kit that includes reading comprehension passages.

Reading comprehension story to learn short sounds for ESL students
Learn more about short words stories.

Short E Sound Posters and Charts

Short E sound CVC words with pictures - ESL chart
Learn more about short E CVC words printables.

Short E sound words - printable phonics charts
Learn more about my printable phonics posters.