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Vowel Phonics Kit: Worksheets, Flashcards, Reading Comprehension

I have designed a new set of printable flashcards, worksheets and reading comprehension passages to teach phonics to young students learning English as a second or foreign language. Combined with recently designed phonics worksheets, sound charts, and phonics posters, this new kit allows me to develop and strengthen phonetic literacy of my students all the way from kindergarten to middle school. This particular vowel sounds kit includes 184 flashcards, 436 worksheets and 12 original reading comprehension passages with accompanying worksheets designed for kindergarten and elementary school kids. It can serve as a great tool to teach little learners to read in English and understand the English language phonics patterns.

Vowel Phonics Flashcards

The printable phonics kit focuses on English vowel sounds and contains 100 flashcards featuring short vowel sounds, 60 flashcards featuring long vowel sounds, and 24 flashcards designed to learn r-controlled vowel sounds.

Printable phonics flashcards - short i sound
A sample of printable phonics flashcards featuring a short vowel sound (short i).
Printable phonics flashcards - long a sound
A sample of printable phonics flashcards featuring a long vowel sound (long a).

Printable phonics flashcards -- r-controlled sound
A sample of printable phonics flashcards featuring an r-controlled sound.

As a matter of fact, the flashcards belonging to this kit are the improved version of an already existing set of phonics flashcards. The new pack has a better design and brighter colors to attract kids’ attention even more. Besides, there are a couple of new sections in the kit. The first one includes flashcards featuring British and American ways of pronouncing such words as class, grass, dance, branch, giraffe, etc. The British pronunciation is usually represented with the long sound [a:], while Americans pronounce this sound as short a - [æ].

Phonics flashcards - American pronunciation
A sample of printable phonics flashcards featuring the American pronunciation of certain words.

Phonics flashcards - British pronunciation
A sample of printable phonics flashcards featuring the British pronunciation of certain words.

The second new section includes words with r-controlled sounds as well as different diphthongs such as -eer, -ear, -ere, -our, -ower, -ure.

R-controlled sounds -- -ir, -ur, -ure, -ower, -our -- English phonics
Phonics flashcards featuring r-controlled sounds added to the updated set.

Vowel Phonics Worksheets

In addition to the set of phonics flashcards, I've created an extensive collection of phonics worksheets including 212 worksheets for mastering short vowel sounds, 140 worksheets for learning long vowel sounds, and 84 worksheets for teaching r-controlled vowel sounds.

Each worksheet refers to the corresponding phonics flashcard. You can see the number of the related flashcard in the right upper corner of the worksheet. All the worksheets can be used independently, there is no particular order of worksheets that teachers have to follow.

There are four types of worksheets corresponding to a certain flashcard. The first type of worksheet has the words from the referring flashcard followed by a row of three pictures. Students should read the word and circle the right picture the word represent.

Phonics worksheets for kindergarten and elementary school
One of phonics worksheets offering kids to circle the right picture.

The second type of phonics worksheets presents a picture and a word with a missing letter. On the right, there are three letters serving as hints. Children should look at the picture, identify the written word below it and what letter is missing. Then they should circle the letter on the right and write this letter into the gap.

Phonics worksheets for grade 1
One of phonics worksheets offering kids to find the missing letter.

The third type of vowel sounds worksheets suggests tracing the words from the referring flashcards. Young English learns are asked to trace the given words and write them multiple times on the line. Some words are too long, so kids can just trace them.

Phonics worksheets for elementary students
One of word-tracing phonics worksheets.

The fourth type of worksheets is a tricky one. There is a column of pictures on the left and a column with the words on the right, however the letters in the words are scrambled. Besides, the pictures don’t correspond to the words next to them. At first, children should look at the scrambled word and try to understand what word is hidden there. Once they get it, the students should unscramble the word and write it down on the line. Then they should find the corresponding picture and match this word to the picture.

Phonics worksheets for grade 3
One of phonics worksheets featuring word unscrambling and matching tasks.

Reading Passages for Learning Phonics

The most interesting part of my printable vowel phonics kit includes 12 original reading comprehension passages and a set of related worksheets.

Phonics reading passages
Samples of phonics reading passages.

First, students should read the story, identify words that have a certain vowel sound, and underline these words in the text. If students are too young to read in English, the teacher can read these passages to them, but let the kids recognize and underline the words in the text.

Phonics reading worksheet - reading passage for learning short a sound
A phonics reading worksheet that asks students to underline words with a short a sound.

Then kids are asked to write down these words on the next worksheet. Some words are used multiple times in the story, but students should write each word only once.

Short a sound worksheet - reading passages for learning phonics
A phonics reading worksheet that asks students to write down words with a short a sound.

The next task is to match the words from the reading passage to the corresponding pictures.

Short a phonics worksheet for elementary school kids
One of picture-to-word matching worksheets in the phonics reading set.

The fourth type of reading comprehension worksheet has 10 questions based on the story. Students should read the questions and write only one word as an answer. Again questions can be read by an adult, but students should write the answer on their own.

Phonics reading comprehension worksheet - short a sound
10 questions based on the reading passage featuring words that have the short a sound.

If you think my printable vowel phonics kit can be useful for your English classes too, you are welcome to buy the whole collection of flashcards, worksheets, and reading passages in high resolution printer-friendly PDF files.

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