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Phonics Charts - Printable Posters

I have already pointed out in one of my earlier blog posts dedicated to phonics charts that studying English phonetics can be overwhelming and boring for kids. There is very little fun in learning which sound an English letter or combination of letters produces. ESL and EFL teachers know very well how difficult English pronunciation can be for non-native speaking children. Unlike singing songs, playing games and reading stories, phonics make young students get tired of English classes very quickly. In order to make learning English phonetics less challenging for my elementary school students, I have designed quite a few colorful child-appealing phonics charts and flashcards that I use in my classroom to develop kids’ phonemic awareness in a more or less fun way.

Printable English phonics posters for classroom - ESL resources
English phonics posters on my classroom wall.

My latest printable phonics charts are based on the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) and designed in different size formats - small A4 paper size format to be used as handout anchor charts and large A3 paper size format that I print out as posters for my classroom wall decoration. My phonics charts are colorful and full of pictures to attract kids’ attention. I use the IPA-based charts to introduce the phonetic alphabet symbols to my young students. Knowing those symbols is especially important for those who learn English as foreign language because they will be encountering these symbols frequently in many dictionaries offering phonemic transcription of words as they continue learning English through their school years and beyond.

I have created 50 printable poster-size phonics charts that not only help teachers introduce the phonetic symbols to young students but also provide a bigger picture of phonetic patterns and exceptions in English both for students and educators.

The set of printable phonics charts features 21 phonetic vowel symbols and 24 phonetic consonant symbols. There are also 5 charts featuring silent letters in English. Here are a few examples of my phonics charts.

Phonics charts for vowel sounds (21 charts)

Phonics chart - vowel phoneme ʌ - words and pictures - printable ESL resources
An example of a phonics chart featuring a phonetic vowel symbol.

Phonics chart - vowel phoneme aɪ, diphthong sound - words and pictures

Phonics chart - vowel phoneme eɪ, diphthong sound - words and pictures

Phonics charts for consonant sounds (24 charts)

Phonics chart - consonant phoneme k - words and pictures
An example of a phonics chart featuring a phonetic consonant symbol.

Phonics chart - consonant phoneme ʃ - words and pictures

Phonics chart - consonant phoneme dʒ - words and pictures

Phonics charts for silent letters (5 charts)

Silent letters in English chart - page 1 of 5
An example of a silent letters chart.

Silent letters in English chart - page 2 of 5

You can hardly find printable phonics charts with as many pictures as my charts can offer to English learning kids. My students love these charts and I clearly feel that my elementary students are less reluctant to deal with English phonics since I have started using the charts. Fellow EFL and ESL teachers are welcome to use my phonics charts as well. I offer the entire set in high resolution printer-ready PDF files for purchase. The set includes the charts in three formats: large A3 paper size (posters), small A4 paper size (handouts) and A3 paper size split into two A4 size pages to be glued together for educators without access to an A3 printer.

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