Monday, August 17, 2020

Letter O Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

Many people who visit my blog come here to find printable resources designed to help EFL and ESL teachers teach English alphabet to kids. Therefore I create blog posts that combine previously published printables dedicated to each individual letter in order to help educators better find necessary teaching materials and navigate through my blog to find even more useful resources for their classes. Today’s post offers my fellow English teachers some printable worksheets, flashcards, coloring pages, and posters designed by me to teach letter O to children in kindergarten and elementary school.

Find letter O worksheet -- printable ESL materials to teach English alphabet
Find letter o worksheet. Buy letter search worksheets for all letters.

Letter o tracing worksheet for kindergarten and elementary school
Letter o tracing worksheet. Find more letter tracing worksheets.

ABC learning worksheet, letter O tracing
Find out more about the ABC learning set.

Printable English alphabet coloring page - letter o coloring
Letter o coloring page. Find more coloring pages.

Printable award for ABC learning -- letter o is for ostrich
Printable letter o award. Get more printable alphabet awards.

Letter O is for ostrich, octopus and owl - ABC train classroom decor
Learn more about the ABC train classroom decoration set.

Letter o - big printable alphabet letters for kids learning English
Big printable letter o. Find more printable alphabet letters.

English alphabet poster - letter O
Learn more about printable English alphabet posters for each letter.

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