Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Letter A Worksheets, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages

My blog is getting bigger as I add more worksheets, flash cards, coloring pages and other ESL materials. I'm sure my fellow English teachers have a hard time finding and discovering new stuff on this blog. So I decided to make it easier for them to discover useful things on my blog by creating separate posts dedicated to English letters. In this first post I'll start sharing my printable worksheets, flashcards and whatnot designed to introduce letter A to kids.

Find letter a worksheet
Find letter A

Letter A coloring page
Letter A coloring. More coloring pages.

Letter a tracing worksheet
Letter a tracing. More letter tracing worksheets.

Printable letter A puzzle
Uppercase letter A puzzle. More alphabet puzzles.

Lowercase letter a puzzle
Lowercase letter a puzzle

Printable award for learning letter A
Find out more about printable awards for learning English alphabet.

Letter a - big printable alphabet letters
Find more about big printable English alphabet letters.

find and circle letter a worksheet
Find and circle letter a worksheet. Check out my alligator song.

phonics flashcard, long a vowel
Phonics flashcards featuring long A sound. Find more phonics flashcards.

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