Thursday, October 30, 2014

Letter A Song. Alligator Song for Kids Learning English ABC.

I like using very simple and short songs when I introduce English alphabet to kids. That's why I decided to create a series of mini-songs for each letter to be used in my lessons dedicated to learning and writing ABC. This is the first song from the future series. I'll be adding new video as soon as I create them. I hope I'll be able to create a nice ABC songs collection for myself and my fellow teachers who work with little children.

This first song is naturally a letter A song. It's about an angry alligator. So here is the video:

Song lyrics:

An angry alligator lives in the swamp
He’s hiding in the water, he’s waiting for his prey
Can you hear him chomp? Can you hear him stomp?
Don’t stay on his way! He scares kids away!
Angry alligator, angry alligator, angry alligator in the swamp


As always I'd like to add a few printable worksheets to go with the song for my fellow ESL teachers:

letter a tracing worksheet
Letter Aa tracing worksheet

find letter a worksheet, a is for alligator
Find letter a worksheet

Alligator clipart

alligator clipart
Alligator clipart for teachers

Alligator coloring

cartoon alligator coloring page for kids
Alligator coloring page

More related teaching materials

Letter a tracing worksheet, English for kids
Letter a tracing worksheet

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