Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall / Autumn Flashcards and Vocabulary Cards

As we are getting closer to the end of fall I'd like to share some fall / autumn flashcards for fellow ESL teachers to use during the last month of the season.

I really like this time of the year where I live. It's pretty much colorful and the weather is quite enjoyable. I's neither hot nor cold and the trees are bright with red, yellow and brown leaves. So fall / autumn is definitely worth dedicating a lesson or two to learn some English vocabulary related to the season. I hope my flashcards will help you to prepare some quality lessons dedicated to fall / autumn and related holidays such as Thanksgiving.

autumn fall flashcards, months
Fall / autumn flashcards

fall autumn flashcards, weather

fall flashcards, leaves and harvest

autumn fall fruits flashcards

autumn fall vegetables flashcards

autumn fall flashcards, vegetables and nuts and sunflowers

autumn fall vegetables flashcards pictures

autumn flashcards

autumn fall vocabulary flashcards
Fall / autumn vocabulary cards

fall English vocabulary flashcards

autumn English vocabulary flashcards

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