Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Letter B Song. Bee Song for Kids Learning English ABC

This is my second video of the simple ABC songs series for kids learning English. This one is a letter B song and it is about a bee. The song is really simple as it’s targeted at preschool and elementary school children that are starting to learn English as a foreign language. It’s also easy to memorize just like any nursery rhyme even if kids do not know all the words yet. I really hope this little song of mine will help you introduce the letter B in a fun way to your ESL students.

Bee Song Lyrics

Hey, busy, busy bee,
Oh, please, fly to me!
Bring me some honey
As sweet as can be.


Here are some colorful worksheets for kids to learn how to write the letter B by tracing it as well as to recognize the letter among other letters.

letter b tracing worksheet
Letter B tracing worksheet

letter b recognizing worksheet
Letter b recognizing worksheet

Bee Clipart for Teachers

In case you would like to make your own worksheets with the cute bee character drawn by my husband, you are welcome to use this clipart.

honey bee clipart with a bucket
Cute bee clipart

Bee Coloring

letter b, bee coloring page
Bee coloring plus tracing worksheet

cute cartoon bee coloring page

More related teaching materials

Letter b tracing worksheet
Letter b tracing worksheet. More letter tracing worksheets.

Letter b coloring page
Letter B coloring page. More alphabet coloring pages.


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