Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cute Frog Song for Children (Counting from 1 to 10)

I strongly believe that one of the most important missions of a teacher is to evoke children's love for learning. That's why educator's essential task is to make his/her lessons as less boring as possible. It's especially true when you work with little kids like I do. So my strategy is to use funny songs and characters during my ESL lessons. And my now song about a cute frog who can count can be another tool to turn learning English into an exiting process for kids.

Song lyrics:

This is a frog, his name is Billy
He swims and jumps and flops
Skipping so quickly from lily to lily,
On water lilies he hops

One, two
The water is blue

Three, four
From shore to shore

Five, six
The froggy skips

Seven, eight
Across the lake

Nine, ten
Again and again

Hop, hop, hoppity hop
The frog can count to ten

Billy the frog eats lots of bugs.
They are his favorite meal.
Mosquitoes and flies, spiders and slugs
They all are so good for Bill

One, two
I’ll catch you

Three, four
I’d like some more

Five, six
The froggy eats

Seven, eight
The food is great

Nine, ten
It’s eaten

Yum, yum, yummy-yum
The frog can count to ten

So thanks to my husband who has written lyrics of the song and made an animation I now have another video to be used for my English teaching practice. And since I mostly work with preschoolers and elementary school children the cute frog character created by my hubby will be a perfect supplement for me.

Billy the frog turned out to be indeed a very cute character. And the song is rather rhythmic which is not bad when learning how to count. The froggy will certainly help me make learning numbers and counting from 1 to 10 in English less boring for young English learners.

I have created a few flashcards and worksheets based on the song to share some assignment ideas with fellow teachers. I hope you will use my counting frog song for your English lessons too. And of course, I am curious to know whether your little students had a positive response to the song and the funny character my family has created for them. So you are welcome to share your comments below.


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Clipart for Teachers

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Frog Coloring

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