Sunday, September 10, 2017

Alphabet Coloring Pages (Letters U - Z)

Studying a foreign language often starts with the ABC. Introduction of the alphabet to kids opens the doors to the new language for them. So ESL teachers should make sure children have an enjoyable experience with English from their first steps when they start getting acquainted with letters. That is why fun activities are important for easing kids into the second language. Games, songs, colorful flashcards, coloring pages and interesting worksheets can help little students love learning languages, and thus prepare their brains for less entertaining stuff they'll face while studying English as they grow.

It is extremely important that children's first encounter with a new language happens without too much stress and involving their favorite activities. We all know that preschoolers and early school kids love drawing, singing and playing since the time they were toddlers. No wonder all new concepts were introduced to them through this sort of activities. Therefore, introducing the English alphabet to them through coloring sheets is a smart idea.

This is the third and the last blog post featuring my printable alphabet coloring pages. This one contains the last 6 letters of the English ABC - Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz. I hope these coloring sheets will help English teachers make their lessons more enjoyable for little ones who are making their first steps in learning English language.

Alphabet coloring page, letter u coloring, u is for unicorn
U is for unicorn

Alphabet coloring page, letter v coloring, v is for vase
V is for vase

Alphabet coloring page, letter w coloring, w is for whale
W is for whale

x ray fish coloring page, alphabet coloring page, letter x coloring
X is for x-ray fish

yak coloring page, alphabet coloring page, letter y coloring
Y is for yak

zebra coloring page, alphabet coloring page, letter z coloring
Z is for zebra

alphabet coloring pages
Buy the entire set of  alphabet coloring pages HERE.


  1. Creative piece of artwork. Nice idea to keep kid busy. Keep it up your good work.

  2. very nice platform for kids to learn,
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