Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Consonant Phonics Kit: Worksheets, Flashcards, Reading Comprehension

I am delighted to present a comprehensive kit of English consonant phonics that I have created for my classes. This kit is designed to help me teach young learners to match sounds and letter combinations in English, read with fluency and accuracy as well as enrich their vocabulary.

Phonics flashcards - consonant sound b and blend bl

This kit consists of two parts. The first part contains a set of 124 consonant phonics flashcards for reading. Each flashcard shows words that correspond to a specific sound or blend. I have selected only the most frequently used and common words for each flashcard, so that your students can easily learn and remember them.

Phonics flashcards - consonant sound j and k

Phonics flashcards - consonant sound v and w

The second part contains a set of phonics worksheets with 456 pages for practicing and mastering consonant sounds and blends. Each worksheet is related to a specific flashcard, which one can identify by the number in the upper right corner of the worksheet. The teacher can use the worksheets in any preferable order as they are designed to be used independently. However, I recommend following the sequence of the flashcards for a systematic approach.

The worksheets include different types of activities, such as identifying the correct word, inserting the missing letters, tracing, unscrambling and writing the words correctly. There are also clear instructions for teachers on how to conduct these activities in the classroom.

Consonant phonics worksheet - multiple choice exercise

Consonant phonics worksheet - missing letters exercise

Consonant phonics worksheet - word tracing exercise - ch, pl, th

Consonant phonics worksheet - unscramble words exercise

In addition, after each letter, English teachers will find extra phonics worksheets that review the words that contain the relevant letter. These worksheets will give students an opportunity to recall and consolidate the vocabulary they have learned by writing the words under the corresponding pictures. The consonant phonics kit also contains useful worksheets for teaching to construct English sentences with the correct word order.

Phonics vocabulary worksheets - consonant sounds

Consonant phonics worksheet - sentence building exercise

The most distinctive feature of my phonics kit is that it contains 20 original stories and a number of reading comprehension worksheets to reinforce phonics learning. The stories are engaging and fun, and they contain the words from the flashcards and worksheets. After reading each story, your students will have a chance to practice their comprehension skills by doing selecting and matching exercises, as well as answering some questions.

Consonant phonics reading comprehension text

Consonant phonics reading comprehension worksheets

I hope you will find my work valuable and use these flashcards, worksheets and stories in your classroom. I am sure your students will enjoy learning English consonant phonics with this kit.

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