Friday, September 15, 2023

Simple Past Tense Reading Comprehension

Hi, fellow teachers! I'm back with more exciting stuff for English classes. I've been working on a set of reading comprehension texts and worksheets to keep my grammar lessons more engaging and enjoyable, and today, I’d like to show you my simple past tense reading comprehension materials.

Simple past tense reading comprehension passage

In my quest to make English class more exciting, I've put together a bunch of materials to teach five of the most important verb tenses: simple present, present continuous, present perfect, simple past, and simple future. These verb tenses are the foundation of English, and mastering them is key for any language learner.

Simple past tense worksheet and reading comprehension

This blog post is the second in a series where I introduce a new set of reading comprehension texts and worksheets. This time, we're diving into the simple past tense, which lets us talk about all the cool stuff that happened in the past.

Simple past tense worksheet - PDF file available

Our adventures into the world of verb tenses feature Dr. Ginger Williams, a young and passionate vet. Dr. Williams is the star of this series, and her stories provide a fantastic backdrop for learning different verb tenses.

Simple past fill in the blanks worksheet

In this particular reading passage, we tag along with Dr. Williams as she starts a new chapter in her life. She lands in the charming village of Maplewood, right in the heart of Canada. In this story Dr. Williams meets the villagers and their beloved pets and farm animals.

Simple past worksheet - PDF available

Through Dr. Williams' experiences, students get a peek into her life as a vet, the animals she cares for, and the heartwarming friendships she builds with the villagers and their furry, feathered, and woolly buddies.

I believe my printable texts and worksheets can greatly benefit fellow English teachers in their teaching practices. By using these resources, you can bring life to your grammar lessons and captivate your students' attention. The engaging stories and exercises will make learning verb tenses a breeze for your young learners.

For my fellow English teachers who share my excitement for engaging language lessons, you can find the complete set of reading comprehension materials in my online shop. These materials offer a dynamic way to teach verb tenses, keeping students actively involved and making sure they really get it.

Thanks for joining me on this quest to make English grammar exciting and accessible. Together, we can create awesome language lessons that boost students' confidence. Stay tuned for more updates and resources in the engaging English verb tenses series!

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