Thursday, July 20, 2023

Simple Present Tense Reading Comprehension for Young Learners

I'm excited to share with you a set of reading comprehension texts and worksheets that I designed to make English grammar classes more enjoyable for my young students. As a language teacher, I know how learning grammar can be a bit boring for kids, so I created this series of printable resources to keep them engaged and motivated.

Simple present tense reading comprehension passages

In this series, you'll find a collection of reading comprehension passages dedicated to various verb tenses of the English language. From simple present tense to simple future tense, the set covers five basic verb tenses (simple present, present continuous, present perfect, simple past, and simple future), providing a comprehensive learning experience for young learners. This reading comprehension set is one of many printable resources that I have designed for my English classes dedicated to verb tenses. Some of these resources can be found in other posts on my blog.

Simple present tense worksheet - fill in gaps exercise.

The texts in this reading comprehension series revolve around the story of Dr. Ginger Williams, a passionate female veterinarian who sets foot in a charming Canadian village to care for pets and farm animals. Throughout her journey, she forms heartwarming connections with the villagers and their beloved furry friends.

Simple present tense worksheet - PDF file available

In this blog post, I'm excited to introduce the first part of this verb tenses reading comprehension series, which is dedicated to the simple present tense. The worksheets included in this set feature exercises such as filling in gaps and answering questions to reinforce the understanding of the simple present tense.

Daily routine worksheet - simple present tense exercise

I believe my printable texts and worksheets can greatly benefit fellow English teachers in their teaching practices. By using these resources, you can bring life to your grammar lessons and captivate your students' attention. The engaging stories and exercises will make learning verb tenses a breeze for your young learners.

Simple present tense questions worksheet

If you're interested in incorporating this set into your classes, you can purchase the printer-friendly PDF file on my blog. The preview of all texts and exercises is also available, so you can have a sneak peek before making a decision.

Simple present tense questions exercises - PDF available

Let's make English grammar exciting for our students together! Grab your simple present tense worksheets now and watch your students flourish in their language learning journey. Happy teaching!

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