Monday, December 7, 2020

Reading Comprehension to Learn Numbers and Counting

I’d like to share some of my printable reading comprehension worksheets that I use to teach English numbers to my young students. I try to add more fun to my English classes in elementary school and that’s why I design visually appealing reading comprehension kits that include worksheets and flashcards. My previous blog post dedicated to reading comprehension passages about animals proved to be very popular with my fellow EFL and ESL teachers, so I decided to share some more of such printable resources, this time designed to teach cardinal & ordinal numbers and counting.

The numbers & counting reading comprehension kit includes printable worksheets built around 5 short reading comprehension passages and flashcards featuring numbers and their names in English. The flashcards have a cut-out part that can be used for number-to-word matching activities. Below you can find some of the printables belonging to this kit.

Reading comprehension worksheet to learn English numbers and counting
There are 5 reading comprehension passages in the numbers and counting kit. This one is about a playful puppy.
Printable worksheet to learn English numbers - matching activity
Reading comprehension passages are followed by a few pages of worksheets that include up to 8 tasks.

English numbers for kids activities - reading comprehension worksheet
Some worksheets are designed to teach both cardinal and ordinal numbers.

Reading comprehension passage about dog, puppy - printable ESL resources

Reading comprehension passage about a dog, puppy to learn English
There is a version of each reading comprehension passage where some nouns are replaced with pictures to offer kids a special reading challenge.

English numbers for kids - reading comprehension worksheet
A reading comprehension passage about a little mouse.
English numbers worksheet - reading comprehension and activities
A short reading comprehension passage about a beautiful butterfly.

Printable English numbers reading comprehension worksheet for kids
A reading comprehension passage about a cute tiger cub.

Cardinal numbers English worksheet - reading comprehension - printable ESL resources
A reading comprehension passage about a girl who loves playing with soap bubbles.

English numbers flashcards - printable ESL resources
The reading comprehension kit includes printable English numbers flashcards.

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